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June 15, 2016

Overcoming Phobias For A Healthier You

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We all are afraid of something or the other. When that fear leads to an extreme point, it becomes phobia which in reality might not be dangerous at all. From the irrational fear of insects, needles, water to teddy bears which are common phobias. But these cases of phobia might lead to extreme cases at times hindering the process of overcoming phobias.

In India, people consider that having a phobia is an equivalent of an incurable mental disease, which isn’t true at all. Instead of staying away from them it’s time to face the fears. Here are a few tips on overcoming phobias which may help you lead a healthier mental state:

Here are a few tips to overcome your phobias leading to a healthier you:

#1 Overcoming Phobias Through Identification

The first thing about overcoming phobias is to identify your phobia. Find out what you are exactly afraid of. If you are afraid of going to the dentist, the reasons could be a needle or something you fear. If so, then you aren’t afraid of the dentist but needle. If you are unable to do so, make a list.

overcoming phobias: phobia identification


#2 Confront Your Fears

How to overcome your phobia? Try and confront your fears instead of running away from it. This will help you get the required stamina and the ability to control your fears. Avoiding it will only increase your fear and you will never be able to control your anxiety.

overcoming phobias: confront your fears


#3 Partnership Method

There are various ways to overcome phobia. Ask someone for help, whom you trust when you are trying to overcome your fear. For example, if you are afraid to walk alone, ask someone to walk a certain distance ahead of you and wait. This gives you the confidence to meet that person by walking alone. When you are done, ask that person to walk a little more than before and repeat. Continue this process, gradually you will be able to walk long distances alone.

overcoming phobias: partnership method


#4 Daily Mood Log

Overcoming phobias is a daily battle. Pen down whatever negative thoughts come to your mind and which frighten you. Try to identify the cognitive distortions related to those thoughts and substitute them with positive thoughts. Instead of worrying, think positive and tell yourself that everything is fine.

overcoming phobias: mood log


#5 Meditate and Relax

Meditation will make you calm and relaxed. Meditation can be done anytime. This will give you the strength to overcome your fears. The question of how to overcome your phobia will be out of the window once you meditate.

overcoming phobias: meditate


#6 The Acceptance Paradox

Whenever you feel anxious, you might make the situation worse by not feeling the same. Conversations with your own self may lead to negative impact. To develop self-acceptance write a dialogue with an imaginary person. This imaginary person is just your own self-criticism. When you are talking to that imaginary person you will develop self-acceptance and the ability to manage your fear.

overcoming phobias: acceptance


#7 Getting in Touch

If you feel edge or panicky, you could overlook an issue that is best tended to as opposed to being disregarded. Survey your life, recognize circumstances that make you feel queasy and anxious. With the courage to address the issue, for example, the apprehension of dismissal in an immediate and open way, a feeling of quiet will replace vulnerability.

overcoming phobias: phobias


We at HookedUpon hope that this article helps you in overcoming your phobias and emerge as a stronger and more confident person than you were before!

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