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October 12, 2016

11 Offbeat And Interesting Courses You Should Know About

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offbeat and interesting courses

Are you bored of the cliché subjects like Mathematics, Science or Literature? Do you want to do something out of the box? Many of us don’t want to be part of the crowd and want to do something different. If you are looking for an interesting career path that is offbeat then checkout these 11 interesting university courses. We bet you may not have heard of some these offbeat and interesting courses.

#1 Food Flavorist

If you’re a foodie and want to take this passion professionally, this is where you belong! The job of a food flavorist is to enhance the flavour of food items by mixing various ingredients. The course requires you to have additional knowledge of all those aromas, oils and plant extracts. Salary of a fresher begins from Rs 15, 000 and goes up as per experience.

Course offered by: Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management, Mumbai, SRM University: Department of Food Process Engineering, Ghaziabad, UP and Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore.

offbeat and interesting- food flavorist


#2 Game Development

Are you obsessed with angry birds, colour switch, or candy crush? Then, this course is for you. The course will teach you how to create and design your own game.

The course is offered by: Arena Animation- Delhi, Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics- Delhi

offbeat and interesting- game development


#3 Food Technology

Being a food scientist, the students get involved with the physical, microbiological and chemical composition of food. This 4 year B-tech degree programme teaches the student about the chemical structure, food toxins and prevention of food spoilage.

Course offered by: Amity University, Noida

offbeat and interesting courses: food technology


#4 Fashion retail management

The course gives an insight into the world of fashion marketing, retail buying and merchandising, with the inclusion of basic fabric knowledge. Retail management also gives a summary of the notion of visual merchandising and lays importance on customer relationship administration, brand management and sales management.

Course offered by: NIFT Delhi

offbeat and interesting- fashion retail management


#5 Footwear design

Is your shoe fetish making you feel like this is where you want to be? And this is what you want to do? Doing what you love, makes your doing easy. The 3 year bachelor degree in Footwear Design and Production compromises of teaching the students of manufacturing, production and designing the basic concepts of footwear.

Course offered by: FDDI( footwear design and development institute) Noida.

offbeat and interesting- footwear design


#6 Tea Tasting

What could be better than to get paid for for tasting tea? And trust me, if you get the right opportunity, then the pay is also good. India is known to be one of the highest producers of tea. The tea industries in Northeast India and Southern parts of our country give you a lavish lifestyle. It doesn’t only require tasting of tea, but also to give advice, branding, marketing and has a good knowledge of cultivation and manufacturing. Now this is definitely offbeat and interesting!

Course Offered By– Birla Institute Of Futuristic Studies, Dipra Institute Of Professional  Studies, Assam Agricultural University, Indian Institute Of Plantation Management, The Tea Research Association, The Tea Taster Academy.

offbeat and interesting-Tea-tasting courses


#7 Cartography

It deals with the practice of drawing maps used in Tourist’s navigation, mountaineering, weather reports, in railway lines etc.. Cartographers collect up to date information and display them on maps and computers. Nowadays, private sector has a great demand for cartographers.

Course Offered By– Osmania University, University Of Madras, Jamia Millia Islamia Indian Institute of Technology- Madras, Institute Of Geo-informatics  and Remote Sensing Eligibility.

offbeat and interesting- cartography


#8 Puppetry

Puppetry is one of the ardent and traditional forms of entertainment. This art is more than just playing with puppets. It is also the important subject for many schools and institutes. Over a period of time, this art was in danger of getting lost, but it is again regaining its popularity.

Courses Offered By– Mumbai University and Calcutta Puppet Theater

offbeat and interesting- puppetry


#9 Art Restoration

This offbeat and interesting course emphasizes on returning the work on earlier state by scrubbing it up and altering by its novel state. It is the part of science field of chemistry. Art conservation requires examination, documentation, treatment and preventive care of the art object supported by research.

Courses Offered By– Kurukshetra University- Kurukshetra, Haryana , University Of Allahabad- Allahabad, University Of Mysore, The Karnataka ChitrakalaParishat College Of Fine Arts- Karnataka, National Museum Institute Of History Of Arts.

offbeat and interesting- art- restoration


#10 B.Sc (Hons) In Instrumentation

If you are in love with instruments, then it is one of the best and interesting career paths for you. Network analysis, Applied Physics, Digital And Analog Electronics, Statistical Methods, Circuit Analysis are some topics covered under this course.

Courses Offered By– Delhi University, Process Instrumentation And Control Cause- Mumbai, National Technical Institute.

offbeat and interesting- instrumentation


#11 Gerontology

We bet most of you have not heard of this offbeat and interesting course. It is basically the study of psychological, sociological and biological aspects of ageing. This course aims to help the elderly to lead a better life. Nowadays many private companies, healthcare agencies, old- age homes look for experts in this field.

Courses Offered By– Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Institute Of Home Economics, Calcutta Metropolitan Institute Of Gerontology.

offbeat and interesting- gerentology


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