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July 12, 2016

What Not To Do In These 15 Countries

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Traveling to a new country is exciting and all! We try to learn as much as we can about this new place, its culture, the food, the people and also the basic phrases in their language. We devour all the info about what to do in new countries that we forget about what not to do, which is equally important. Every country has its own unspoken rules and traditions which we must respect while traveling. HookedUpon presents to you the things not to do in these 15 countries:

#1 Russia

Russians are best known for their hospitality, so never show up empty-handed; returning the courtesy can include some chocolates, odd number of flowers or toys for kids. Additionally don’t forget to take off your shoes before entering into a Russian house.

#2 China

Chinese are less affectionately touchy-feely, so do not touch Chinese people. You can just bow down smiling and never gift Chinese people anything in a quantity of four because four is a symbol of death in China.

#3 India

In India you are rarely restricted to uncommon rules but try not to use your left hand for any religious work as it is considered bad. Not finishing the food on your plate is considered rude. Most importantly never ever forget to take your shoes off before entering in any places of worship.

#4 Philippines

“Filipino time” as an excuse for being late doesn’t exist anymore.
Never sing Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ at karaoke because they’re sick of it. Don’t pick up the last piece on the plate until you are offered and obviously never make a negative remark on any Filipino, not even on the internet.

#5 Malaysia

Don’t touch anyone on the forehead as it might impure their souls, according to the belief that their souls reside in the heads. Discussion regarding ethnic and political relations might be considered rude and sensitive for Malaysians and avoid drinking publicly.

#6 Japan

In Japan, it should be importantly remembered that you are not tipping anyone. Use both hands while giving or receiving something and stay on the correct side of the escalators if you are not moving.

#7 Germany

Germans are offended if you do a Nazi salute, people get arrested for doing that. Placing hands in the pocket while talking to someone is considered rude.

#8 France

French people are a bit sensitive to their Armies, making jokes about the French army or French cowardice may offend and they barely talk to strangers so if you are asking for directions, they’ll probably just ignore.


#9 Turkey

In Turkey, you should beware before expressing in gestures, common hand gesture for ‘okay‘ is the same as calling someone homosexual. They wouldn’t like you refusing gifts, but don’t accept it too quickly either.

#10 North Korea

North Koreans have their own rules if you don’t follow them it may turn you in, things to keep in mind are never speak to any local, never click pictures without your agent’s permission and be cautious before making frequent calls outside North Korea, else it may get you in trouble.

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#11 Dubai

The majority of people in Dubai wouldn’t like you drinking, smoking or eating in public during Ramadan and carrying alcohol in public is offensive in Dubai.

#12 England

People of England are said to be very polite but no backslaps or hugs to someone you don’t know well and entering someone’s home without something to offer may be embarrassing.


#13 Norway

Norwegians are peaceful, they’ll like you maintaining the peace, honking is a rude gesture and never try to bargain, prices are considered fair.

#14 Singapore

Help them keep Singapore clean, never litter or spit in Singapore , they’ll fine you. Don’t throw away your receipts, you may be able to reclaim the service tax before you depart.


#15 Australia

In Australia don’t get surprised if you are asked to get your own beer for a party and remember not to tip, it is not the culture of Australia. Don’t ‘root’ for anything, ‘root’ is Aussie slang for ‘fuck’.


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