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August 27, 2017

Your Next Watch has to be One Tree Hill Reasons to Watch

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One Tree Hill

We are very much attracted to the American sitcoms. Shows like, How I Met Your Mother, with the adult comedy made us roll up the aisles, The Big Bang Theory piled out a nerd in us, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. treated us with its enticing outline, Two Brooke Girls depicted sarcasm at it’s best and Revenge was full of action. What about One Tree Hill? It is clearly not just any drama or a musical, not even plain simple romance nor a sports show. It is a mixture of all. There are countless reasons why you should watch OTH, I narrowed down a few of them.


This show lasted for 10 full years. With every ongoing season, it unfurled the growth and development of every possible character and their lives. It never bogged down on dishing out the melodrama. Every season has its own tales with a lot of twists and turns.

#9 LUCAS, THE MAIN REASON (Chad Michael Murray)

How can one not fall in love with this person after watching A Freaky Friday and A Cinderella Story? With his intense looks and a hot body, he has won zillions of hearts. The majority of OTH was taped during his heyday.

#8 NATHAN + HALEY (James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz)

The basketball champ falling over for a high school genius and how he changes from a spoiled brat to a perfect husband is what their story is all about. After seeing their love on screen, you would want to believe in eternal true love. You would want to have the ultimate relationship goals with your partner. They are the perfect couple ever.


You tend to relate with every situation that pops up in the lives of each and every character of this show. You just don’t watch One Tree Hill, you feel each and every moment. Whether you are dealing with a heartbreak or have bared a loss or simply yearning for some happiness, OTH is your paradisaical go to.


Every sketch this character Peyton (Hilarie Burton) draws, has a deep meaning hidden somewhere. Her expressions depict every bit of her situation which she outlines on paper. Not for all, but for Lucas, her art matters a lot.


OTH has perfect quotes about everything, be it love, friendships, break up, life, loss, happiness, family and much more.These quotes manage to hit you right in the feels. Each episode ends with a quote to wrap up the entire episode. Everyone’s favorite is “It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.”


The theme song of OTH, I Don’t Want To Be Anything by Gavin DeGraw is on the hit list even today. Songs of this show perfectly match every situation that surrounds every character. You are sure to discover some new favorites.

#3 BROOKE DAVIS (Sophia Bush)

The best fictional character of this show. Her style and charm can make you fall in love with her character. Her words of wisdom can definitely help in healing a broken heart. To put an end to your curiosity, start watching OTH.


Though the characters are all fictional, but it hardly matters. Watching the characters deal with all their kooky life situations gives you hope that you can deal with your current situations.


It’s a fact, you’ll connect with every character and situation, that you will feel it’ll never leave you and will be there for you always. Believe me, you’ll be hooked from the beginning.

One Tree Hill involves more reality and less of drama. It doesn’t show anything that you cannot believe in. From characters to the plot, from tough situations to facing accidents, each and everything seems real and not overly done. The bonds each character shares are real and the twists and turns seem convincing. Maybe that’s what makes everyone fall for this show.

For that matter, even for me, it is certainly more than a mere television show. I might sound like a lunatic fan, but let me tell you, there are two categories of people in this wide world. One, who do not watch OTH and the second, who are crazy about OTH. I fall in the second category. And now that I have managed to do a lot of convincing, give it a shot and watch One Tree Hill. If the above expressions cannot convince you, then probably nothing will.

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