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August 27, 2017

Necessity of Plus Size Models in the Fashion World

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The idea of feminine beauty in the fashion world is currently changing. Their main arbiters have begun a search for models that are slightly more rounded and well – nourished. Although, the transition is still in its preliminary stage but the fashion marketers and designers have found that they have substantial benefits by featuring larger models also known as plus sized models.

Currently, the consumers are much ahead of the fashion industry and women are responding more to the sight of the models that appear like real people. Despite the fact that fashion world still follows its tradition of slender bodies in most cases, which normally is not possible to achieve such a body, but in the recent times they are thinking a bit out of the box. They are creating designs which will actually be loved by a majority of the people. Customers are always excited with branded products and more when they get the right kind of clothing for themselves with the latest designs available in the market.

Previously, plus sized models were given no place in the fashion market. They were mocked and laughed at because of the late back ideology of the people. Sana Saini, Delhi-based fashion designers says that when she started with plus size models 2 years ago, all she got was laughter and silence. But now the trend has changed. She says that every day she receives almost four to five applications for plus sized models. Plus sized models are necessary for the fashion market because it is a sign of confidence for women who are heavy. The ideology that only slim people can carry off with designer clothes well and bulky people cannot is a pure sign of biases on our part as a society.  The Wall Street Journal points out that “Industry wisdom argues that heavy women don’t buy as many clothes as thin women. But some businesses have found they will — when the clothes are delectable and fit well.” If we take the examples of actors starting from Sonakshi Sinha and Vidya Balan in Bollywood to Saffi Karina and Chrissy Schmidt in Hollywood, they all have a plus size figure still they can carry their attire confidently and these are people who are being followed by commoners like us.

Most often we tend to overlook it but nowadays even the online stores like Myntra, Jabong, and others are using plus size models to display pictures in their clothing section. This also helps to know the buyer how the attire will look on them and they can buy stuff with confidence and without any hesitation. It is to some extent a complex mentality to hire models with the so-called “perfect figure”. Moreover, the demand for plus sized models is quite high in the market than others. So we can very well get the necessity of the plus-size models in the fashion world because without them it is incomplete.

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