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March 24, 2016

4 Necessary Post Holi Skin Care Tips

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Holi brings with it a lot of gulaal, pichkari, pakora, sweets and of course bhang. So while you have truckloads of fun; you need to, at every point remember about your health because one cannot enjoy a festival if one falls sick. Though we have organic colors these days, many still use harsh colors, especially the ones mixed with water the gulaal no matter how organic, needs to be washed out of the hair. Same goes for the skin and other parts of the body. So here are a few hair and skin care tips for you to use this Holi. These 4 post holi skin care tips are a must to know. Check them out!

#1 Dust and Oil

After you are done playing, dust off the dry color using a cloth and if you have an allergy, cover your nose beforehand. Be careful that no color enters your eyes and if it does, wash it immediately with fresh water.

The Pukka color which is still on your body can be easily washed off with oil. Apply coconut oil all over and let it sit for some time after which use an oil soaked cotton ball to remove the color. You can also use besan, curd, turmeric and rose water as an alternative to oil.

#2 Take a long shower

After all the rush and madness when you are finally home when the color cannot be distinguished from sweat all you need is a nice shower. Once you are done dusting and oiling, take a shower and rub the colors out and make sure you use body wash and thoroughly shampoo your hair until it is rid of all the colors.

Post Holi Skin Care Tips

#3 Replenish

By this I mean, Holi colors and the sun leaves the hair and skin dry, often irritable or itchy therefore you need to restore the oil your body has lost. Moisturize after you have taken a shower and give your hair a hot oil treatment or oil it overnight.

#4 A week’s regime

The whole week you should cleanse your skin. Do not apply scrubs or face packs and apply moisturizers instead. Protect your skin from the excessive sun and visit a dermatologist the moment itching gets out of hand or rashes to appear. Aloe Vera gel and cucumber juice is the skin’s best friend in such times. To remove acne use milk and besan paste. And NEVER EVER use detergent to get rid of colors because it is better to live with color for a day or two as compared to living with bad skin and no hair for the rest of your life. This is another post holi skin care tips which is very much beneficial for our skin.

We hope these four important and necessary post holi skin care tips are of utmost use to you.  It is very important to take care of the skin post and pre applying of the colors while Holi celebrations.

Happy Holi to all of you, fellas.!!!

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