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March 25, 2016

Nauroti Devi – A Woman Who Paved Way With Sheer Will

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There is a very well known and famous saying that”Where there is a will, there is a way”.
This well-known proverb was well-defined by Stonecutter turned Sarpanch, Nauroti Devi (70), who teaches computers to villagers. Well, we know only this headline has made you inquisitive about the story. We want to tell you that your curiosity is worth the story. Read this inspiring story of an old woman who is at the age of 70 years and is a role model for many people in her village.

Nauroti Devi is a spectacular woman from a small village named Harmada which is in Rajasthan. In spite of a lack of any kind of formal education, she managed to get elected as the Sarpanch of the village. It is quite surprising and impressive at the same time that she was the one who taught a computer to the Panchayat Secretary. We believe that some ironies are too good to create strong examples in the world.
“I carried the computer and printer into the office and used it for regular communication and also take out printouts of notices”, quoted Nauroti as reported by The Hindu.

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Initially, she used to work as a stone cutter at the road construction sites where the workers were not being paid full wages. Agitated, she mobilised the workers  and raised her voice against the injustice with the help of an NGO. This was just the start of her leadership quality.
In the early 1980’s, she joined The Barefoot College in Tilonia founded by Bunker Roy where she joined the adult literacy classes and later learned to operate computers. She also trained many other women like her who had never attended school. She has been an active member of the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghatan since 1981. She is such a sport and an encouraging woman who never believes in giving up despite her age and circumstances.

As a Sarpanch, Nauroti has fulfilled her responsibilities satisfactorily. She is known to have got back the land allocated for a government health center and fenced it to secure it from encroachment. She also raised a battle against the alcohol mafia and ended her term with a balance amount of 13 lakhs in the panchayat treasury. It is because of her that the below poverty line population of the village has proper houses, toilets, and other facilities.

She is well known for her work across various nations and has visited countries like China, USA, Germany amongst many others. This was literally the best part.

How interesting and amazing her story is? Who could have imagined that a woman who used to cut stones could teach and educate her fellow women how to operate computers and would travel to so many countries and enjoy such a privileged life? It is very interesting to know about such fighters and leaders who tried to change the norms and the stereotypes of our country through whatever they could.

We say hats off to this amazing lady.

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