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March 25, 2016

10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks With Ease

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Do you have stretch marks? Don’t worry. Don’t freak out. Firstly, know that you are not alone in this, all of us have stretch marks. Stretch marks are common during the teenage growth years or during pregnancy. Sometimes they are caused due to hormonal changes or sometimes as a result of weight gain or weight loss. Naturally, they appear on the thighs, stomach, arms and buttocks. Generally, they disappear over a period of time but if they don’t, there are some home remedies to get rid of stretch marks. Some of them being;

#1 Avocado

Folic acid will help you to get rid of stretch marks and it is rich in avocado. Apply the avocado paste on the stretch marks and after thirty minutes wash it away with warm water. This treatment will make your skin soft and glowing.

#2 Drink Orange Juice

Vitamin C is a very important need of our body. So, consuming Oranges is very important as they are very rich in vitamin C. Drinking  orange juice is very healthy and leaves a glow in the skin. It is also a remedy for stretch marks. Alternatively, Combine turmeric with orange juice and apply it in your stretch marks to eliminate it quickly.

#3 Aloe Vera Gel and Juice

The collagen present in the Aloe Vera gel is necessary to eliminate the stretch marks and to get a glowing skin. One way is to apply aloe vera gel directly over the stretch marks and after letting it dry, then, wash it with lukewarm water. You can also Drink aloe vera juice everyday. this will help you to reduce and prevent stretch marks considerably.

#4 Potatoes

Consuming potatoes would be a good solution for the stretch mark problem. The anti-oxidants will remove the stretch mark and starch in the potato will soften the skin. Vitamin C, iron, zinc, are rich in potato. This is one of the best ways to get rid of stretch marks. Rub the potato slices over the stretch marks and make sure the marks are well covered with starch. Wash off the starch once it gets dry.

#5 Alfalfa

To eliminate the stretch marks due to weight gain you can consume alfalfa. It will help you to reduce your weight gradually. Vitamin E in alfalfa will remove the wrinkles in your body and avoid skin dryness. The presence of amino acids in alfalfa will nourish the skin.


#6 Egg

Vitamin A and collagen rich egg white will help in the formation of new skin cells and removal of stretch marks. Eat boiled or the way you like it! Not just eating, Egg whites can be applied on the affected area with a brush in order to get rid of stretch marks to form a layer. Wash this layer after 15-20 minutes once it gets dry. after washing, apply some olive oil to keep the skin smooth smooth.

#7 Cocoa Shea Butter

Vitamin E rich cocoa shea butter is good for you. The free radicals which damage the skin cells can be removed with the help of antioxidants in cocoa shea butter. It can prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the body. You can apply it on the skin in the form of moisturizer as a remedy for stretch marks. It makes your skin smooth and rehydrated.

#8 Castor Oil

Acne problem, dry skin issues and stretch marks can be removed by applying castor oil. Castor oil also eliminates the ringworm skin infection. The area affected by stretch marks must be rubbed with castor oil for 10-15 minutes daily. Then, it much be covered with a cloth for at least 30 minutes before washing it off. This makes the skin very smooth and is the best way to get rid of stretch marks.

#9 Apply Olive Oil

Olive oil will cleanse your skin, act as a moisturizer and also protects the skin. It is used as a home remedy for stretch marks. It contains antioxidants to prevent many skin problems. It improves blood circulation in the affected areas and prevents stretch marks to a great extent.

#10 Consume Cucumber

Consume more cucumber as it would repair the cracked skin and it act as a natural moisturizer. It makes the skin smooth and removes stretch marks. It can also be rubbed over the stretch marks for some time and cleaned with water after it dries. This repairs the skin and makes it soft.

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Stretch marks are scary. They might make you feel less confident. So, here are some tips to get rid of stretch marks naturally without much difficulty.

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