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August 27, 2017

Nail Your College Look with These 6 Easy Nail Art Designs

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Are you bored of painting your nails plain color? Do you love nail art designs but are you broke like me? Look no further. These 6 easy nail art designs are simple to do at home and will make your nails look gorgeous and chic. Rock your college look with one of these nail art designs. As we go down the list, the level of difficulty increases and the nail art design will require some practice.

#1 The Polka Dot

The polka dot pattern is very retro and very classic. Making polka dot on nails is also the easiest nail art ever. All you need is nail polishes of your choice and a toothpick or something with pointed ends to make the dots.

#2 Heart On Your Nail

You may have heard about wearing the heart on sleeve, now try wearing the heart on nails. This nail art is cute and very girly. To create this nail art, you don’t even need any professional tools. One or two thin painting brushes are more than enough. (Personally, I like to use brushes of old liquid eye shadow. As it’s small, a novice like me can have more control over it than a regular painting brush.) Not only hearts, you can draw a star, a bow or anything you like on your nails. Isn’t it cool?

#3 An Easier Way To Wear Heart

If you try this one, none will be able to look away from your nails, including you.

#4 Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

If you’re a lazy girl, but you also love to be in the spotlight, you need to try this nail art. It’s effortless, but it results to look like you have spent hours doing it. Try this and make your girlfriends jealous.

#5 Newspaper Nail

The things you need to do this nail art is a nail polish of light hue, newspaper, water, and your patience. This takes ten minutes, top, but the result is drool worthy.

#6 The Really Gorgeous Nail Art

This nail art is not easy. You will need a lot of practice to achieve the perfect outcome. But, the final outcome is so stunning. It really worth all the hard work.

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