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April 25, 2017

11 Myths about Alcohol Busted

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Drinking alcohol has social stigma attached. It is often perceived that someone who passes out easily or pukes has poor capacity to drink alcohol. One of the neglected facts about alcohol is alcohol tolerance is not at all cool but sign of alcoholism. Also, alcohol is not digested by our body but it is absorbed. There are several alcohol rules that most of us follow blindly to prevent passing out. While some our genuine, some are not. We bring 11 such myths about alcohol that are just hoax. Research has proven that these are just drinking myths and are not to be followed blindly.

#1 Myth: The Infamous One Pack

This is one of the common myths about alcohol that I am sure you must have heard of. It is believed that drinking a lot of beer adds to belly fat. The fact is research has proved that there is no connection between the amount of beer you drink and the size of your abs. Though beer has high calorie content but intake of a huge quantity of beer might result in increase of your weight but this fact holds good for a number of food items. Studies have also shown that there is a gene in your belly area which is responsible for increasing your weight regardless of the fact whether or not you drink beer.

Drinking Myths - Too Much Beer Gives Belly Fat

#2 Myth: Puke and Move On

Another myth believed is that the severity of any hangover is reduced if one pukes after drinking alcohol. However, puking only reflects the unabsorbed alcohol content in the body. The alcohol content which is absorbed by the body never comes out while puking. The only way the puke helps is that it doesn’t let you drink anymore.

myths about alcoholism - puke to feel better

#3 Myth: Eat like a Pig Before Drinking

You will not face any issues if you eat well before drinking. Eating heavily before drinking will only slow down your absorption of alcohol, but will not stop you from getting drunk. Eventually your stomach will digest the food and your body will begin to absorb alcohol. However, it is not advisable to drink on an empty stomach.

Alcohol Questions - Eat and Eat More

#4 Myth: Stick to One Type Only

We have often heard not to mix drinks and to stick to a definite type. Well, it is our psychology and not the chemistry which makes a difference. If you consume alcohol at the same rate, then your body will adapt to it slowly without causing instant effects. But it hardly makes any difference and so, you can always have the option to mix drinks. It has been proved that it is not the type that causes the after-effects but the amount consumed.

myths about alcohol alcohol mixology

#5 Myth: Passing Out is Good

It is believed that passing out after drinking is better than puking. Unfortunately the fact is that passing out is fatal because the heart rate decreases slowly when a person drinks a lot. This can cause our usual reflexes like coughing and breathing to shut down. So if any of your friends has passed out after drinking, make sure that s/he sleeps with his head sideways as it enables easy breathing.

Myths about Alcohol: Passing Out

#6 Myth: Older Wine is Better

This is one of the well-known myths about alcohol we have heard. It is often said that: older the wine; better it tastes. This is not at all true. The fact is that it depends on the wine. Some wine are meant to be consumed within an year and some can be kept in your wine cellar. However, you can’t let the wine sit forever. After some time, the taste of wine does not get any better and it also begins to loose antioxidants.

myths about alcohol - older the wine, better it tastes

#7 Myth: Coffee can help you get sober

We all have heard of different hangover remedies and one of the most common is having coffee or taking cold shower. While coffee may help you feel better; it will not flush out the toxins from your system. A human body takes 2 hours to absorb alcohol so no matter what you do; the alcohol will leave your system fully in 2 hours or more.

myths about alcohol - coffee to sober

#8 Myth: Don’t Have Beer before Hard Liquors

I heard about this drinking myth when I was in college. A friend of mine told me to get started with hard liquors like tequila and vodka and then have beer to prevent any alcohol after-effects. This is not at all true. Whether you have beer before or after, the alcohol will hit you if you drink too much of it. It is always better to drink slowly and to know your drinking limit.

myths about alcohol - beer before alcohol

#9 Myth: Beer is not really an alcohol!

One of the popular myths about alcohol is that beer is a light alcohol. In fact, beer was not even considered an alcohol in Russia until 2013. The real fact is that a bottle of beer contains same amount of alcohol as does a shot or 5 ounces of wine contain. Drinking too much beer is definitely not okay.

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myths about alcohol - beer is a light drink

#10 Myth: Dark Alcohols are Healthy

Dark alcohols like wine and beer may be antioxidants rich but they also have high level of toxins because of fermentation process. The truth is that dark alcohols can give you a much worse hangover in comparison to light alcohols.

myths about alcohol - dark alcohols are healthy

#11 Myth: Light Means Healthy

There are many myths about beer and this is one of them. Many light beer producers advertise to make people believe that light beer not only has low caries but also has low alcohol content. While this is true but this does not make light beer healthy. The fact is, it is human tendency, we overeat or overdrink food items thereby consuming more calories than high calorie food items. Also, calorie should not be the only factor when searching for healthy beer. Click here to find out which beers are actually healthy.

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myths about alcohol - light beers

These were just few common myths about alcohol. The best way to avoid hangover and side effects of alcohol is by drinking in moderate amounts. Do not binge drink. If you are drinking for first time then don’t drink with strangers. No matter what we think or believe, alcohol hits every individual and it takes time to flush out of our system.

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