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June 26, 2016

11 Must Watch Charlie Chaplin Movies

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“I remain just one thing, and one thing only — and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.”  If you think words are needed to explain your emotions, you’re wrong. Charlie Chaplin was someone who showed us every emotion can be expressed without any sound. Born on 16th of April, 1889, this talented film director and writer gave the world many wonderful movies. Here are 11 best of Charlie Chaplin movies you should add to your must-watch list:

#1 The Kid

This is a  heartwarming story of an abandoned kid whom Charlie Chaplin found and brought up as his own. The movie shows how their lives go on through hard times and it successfully brings a smile on your lips and tear in your eyes.

charlie chaplin movies- the kid


#2 The Great Dictator

This dark comedy rotates around Dictator Adenoid Hynkel who wants to conquer the world and a poor Jewish barber who is trying to avoid persecution while the Dictator is ruthlessly murdering Jewish men and women.

The most remarkable scene of the movie is where Adenoid Hynkel is shown to play with a globe but it pops like a balloon. It mocks Adolf Hitler in the finest way. This is one of the must watch movies because of Charlie Chaplin’s remarkable performance.

charlie chaplin movies- the great dictator


#3 Modern Times

A poor factory worker struggles to live in an industrial society where he faces many obstacles like a nervous breakdown and jail time. But he falls in love and dreams of a better life in modern time. This movie is counted as one of the best movies of Charlie Chaplin. The most significant scene of the movie, that will force you to laugh your heart out will be also at the same time be burdened with grief. This very scene show how the worker decides to commit a crime to get arrested. ‘Cause in jail, he won’t have to worry about getting food for himself every day.

Watch this one of Charlie Chaplin movies that moves you to the core.

charlie chaplin movies- modern times


#4 City Lights

This movie shows a beautiful love story of a Tramp and a blind girl. The tramp decides to do anything for the money his lady love needs so that she can go through an operation to have her eyesight back.

The boxing fight scene, where the Tramp was ready for a fake fight, but had to go through a real one against a much powerful opponent is hilarious and will make a special place in your heart.

charlie chaplin movies- city lights


#5 The Circus 

Charlie Chaplin plays the role of a  Tramp in the movie who finds a job in a moving circus and falls in love with the stepdaughter of the ringmaster. But, she is already in love with another man. This movie tells a sweet romantic tale that is bound to make people fall in love with the movie.

charlie chaplin movies- the circus


#6 The Gold Rush

Well, the story is all about prospector who goes on a mission of searching the gold.  While traveling, he seeks shelter in a cabin during a fierce snow storm. The cabin is already occupied by a wanted criminal and a gold prospector who has recently found the gold deposit. Once the storm subsides both the prospectors leave but they soon re-unite to find the gold deposit. This is one of the best movies among all Charlie Chaplin movies.

charlie chaplin movies- the gold rush


#7 A King In New York

A European Monarch is left penniless after his minister’s steals all his money. With no money, the king moves to New York and accidentally becomes a television celebrity. Soon befriends a young boy whose parents are communists and king himself is accused of being a communist.

charlie chaplin movies- A King in New York


#8 A Woman In Paris

This film is a basket of suspense. The story is about a kept woman who runs into her fiance. The woman soon starts spending more time with her fiance but due to the confusion between the two, she again breaks up with him. Will she go back to her comfort? Watch the movie to find out what happens.

charlie chaplin movies-a woman of paris


#9 Limelight

Limelight is about a drunk clown and a suicidal dancer. Calvero (Chaplin)  a famous clown is no longer famous and has taken comfort of alcohol. One day he saves Terry (a dancer) from committing suicide and decides to take care of her. They both help each other regain self-esteem and self-confidence.

charlie chaplin movies- limelight


#10 Tillie’s Punctured Romance

Charlie Chaplin plays a womanizer who meets Tillie after breaking up with his girlfriend. When he realizes Tillie’s father is a wealthy man, he persuades her to elope with him but soon absconds with her money. However, when he realizes she has become a millionaire, he returns back to her.

charlie chaplin movies-tillie's punctured romance


#11 The Adventurer

An escaped convict, Chaplin gets sympathy from a wealthy family after he saves a young woman from drowning. Unfortunately, the suitor is not too happy about it and does everything to get Chaplin arrested by officials.

charlie chaplin movies-The_Adventurer


Have we missed any of your favorite Charlie Chaplin movies? Leave a comment below.

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