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May 3, 2017

Movies Every Girl Should See Before Turning 25

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There are some movies every girl should see before turning 25. Some movies we forget straight away when we walk out of the cinema, there are others that make us think for a while and then there are the ones which stay with us for a long time. Usually, these movies are the ones which leave us pondering and affect us in a positive way.

We present to you a list of interesting movies to watch, in no specific order,  that everyone must watch and gain some inspiration so as to make the women of our society stronger than they are. Because it was once rightly said, “Art imitates life and as it turns out life imitates art too”.

#1 Bend It Like Beckham

This interesting movie by Gurinder Chadha largely depicts girl power to the optimum. It shows how the protagonist – A girl from a Punjabi family, ‘bends’ the gender norms set by the society by following her passion for soccer and setting off to become a professional soccer player. The girls don’t give up on their dream to play soccer, this gives a strong message to the girls out there saying – Never Give Up! This makes this movie one of the best movies for girls to watch, to inspire them.

movies every girl should see: bend it like beckham

#2 The Million Dollar Baby

The Million Dollar Baby has a lot more to it than just being a movie about boxing. This movie leaves all stereotypes about women to the dust by depicting a story of a 31-year-old waitress Maggie wanting to learn boxing, making it one of the best movies for women to watch. It truly gives meaning to the statement ‘Age is just a number’, we are required to be young from the spirits in order to follow our dreams… It’s never too late for anything.

movies every girl should watch: Million Dollar Baby

#3 The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada is one of the must see girly movie. A women concentric film depicting the story of two strong and independent women Miranda Priestly, who rules the world which is generally dominated by men and Andrea Sachs, who does nothing but what she feels is right. The movie is hilarious yet inspiring and the fashion game is absolutely on point. If you haven’t seen this one yet, watch it. It is worthy of being on the list of movies every girl should see.

movies every girl should see: the devil wears prada

#4 Queen

If you have not watched this Bollywood flick, we must tell you have missed out on one of the best movies Bollywood has ever come across. The story of how a naïve girl gets dejected after her fiancé refuses to marry right after the mehndi ceremony, but that doesn’t stop her from exploring the world. She sets off on her honeymoon all by herself. Truly inspired, this touched our hearts and souls making it to our movies every girl should see list. The story of how this girl with loads of insecurities finds freedom, happiness and her very own self Queen aka Rani is bound to win your heart.

movies every girl should see: queen

#5 Easy A

‘Easy A’ is a punch in the face of all bullies. It’s the story of Olive a who gets stuck in a college rumour which isn’t taken in a good light. So be it! Olive is shown embracing her image as a ‘dirty skank’ to give the bullies a lesson. ‘Easy A’ essentially teaches us that we must not change who we are and what we stand for anyone. It is very hard to be who you are when everyone around you is busy pretending t be someone else.

movies every girl should see: easy a

#6 English Vinglish

Speaking of movies for women, this beautiful movie starring Sridevi is a treat to watch. It depicts the story of how a typical Indian housewife steps out of her comfort zone, learns English and shows the world what she is capable of. We often undermine those whom we love because they seem ordinary to us, but adding an extra to the ordinary makes it extraordinary.

movies every girl should see: english vinglish

#7 Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich is a real a life story initiative of a woman to undercover the truth behind numerous deaths and illness caused due to poison released in water by a gas company. However, the journey of this investigation isn’t an easy one with people judging the protagonist Erin due to her provocative way of dressing and use of vulgar language. However, all of this doesn’t beat her down, her great determination for the purpose she s fighting for stays alive. This movie in terms of acting, plot line etc falls on the list of movies every girl should see before 25.

movies every girl should see: erin brockovich

#8 Margarita with a straw

This brilliant movie is definitely one of the movies every girl should see. The story is of Laila who is differently abled and is suffering from cerebral palsy. The story is not about the challenges faced by the character but about self-discovery of herself. To be happy in life, we need to learn to be happy on the inside for without that we can never be completely happy.

movies every girl should see: margarita with a straw

#9 Amelie

‘Amelie’ the story of a naïve girl who lives in Paris is bound to touch hearts. The way she enjoys little things in life is a relish to watch. Perfect movie to watch when you find the world dark and end up loathing the human race. There is light even in the darkest corners all you have to do is find it.

movies every girl should see: Amelie

#10 Angry Indian Goddesses

Bollywood’s first ‘Female Buddy’ movie is nothing less than a delight to watch. This brilliant dedication to womanhood and friendship is a must watch. It’s filled with humour, realism, bonds and ultimately hope. We don’t know if it’s the actors, the music, the issues it speaks of or the storyline but if this isn’t one of the movies on your must watch list, we don’t know what is.

movies every girl should see: angry indian goddesses

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