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April 29, 2017

Movie Mania: 7 Best and Amazing Musical Movies Till Date

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Have you seen La La Land? This 2016 musical movie was nominated in seven categories in the 74th Golden Globe Award and won in all categories as well. If you have enjoyed the movie and loved it, then there are chances that you will love to watch classic musical movies loved by millions of viewers. Here is a list of seven popular musical movies, which are bound to win your heart.

#1 Singing In The Rain

This movie is set in the era when the silent movies were about to bit the dust and dawn of the talkies. Silent movie star, Don Lockwood falls in love with chorus girl Kathy Selden when his studio tried hard to make its first talking picture. The movie is not only about a love story but this shows the clash of two eras in a beautiful way.

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#2 The Sound of Music

An enthusiastic young woman Maria, gets a job of a governess of seven children of a retired naval officer, Captain Georg von Trapp. While the captain is a single parent and believes in strict rules and disciplines, free-spirited Maria loves music and taught his children singing in which they found joy. That offended the captain. But, it is Maria and her music that helped the captain to get in touch with his inner child once again. ‘The Sound of Music’ is a masterpiece you should never miss.

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#3 My Fair Lady

If you’re fan of musicals, you’ve probably already seen this movie multiple times. The story begins when snob and arrogant professor Henry Higgins who trusts that ‘the accent and tone of one’s voice determines a person’s prospects in society’. To prove his point, he decided to teach Eliza Doolittle, a young flower seller with heavy Cockney accent ‘the right accent.’ And the job proved to be much harder than he thought.

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#4 The Wizard of Oz

The story tells the tale of Dorothy Gale. When a tornado hit her town, Dorothy and her dog Toto crashes into the Land of Oz. In there she meets Gilda, the good witch of the North, who tells her the wizard of Oz can send her back to home. In her way to the wizard, Dorothy befriends the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion. This story is about friendship, about adventure, about good winning over evil, and about returning to home as at the end Dorothy realizes there is no place on earth like your home.

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#5 Mary Poppins

When we were kids, we all wanted a nanny like Mary Poppins who will solve all our problems with her magic. In Edwardian London when a father was searching for a stern nanny for his kids, a not so stern Mary Poppins entered their lives. With her music and magic, she brings two children closer to their father.

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#6 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

This musical is the story of a serial killer. Yes! Set in the backdrop of 1946, This critically acclaimed movie tells the story of Benjamin Barker who is also known as Sweeney Todd. The murderous barber sets up his barber shop in London and continues doing his notorious business. This movie can give you a phobia from barbers.  But, if you’re into musicals, don’t give it a miss.

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#7 The Lion King

This movie is one of the finest Disney films we love. This movie is a story of a Lion kid Simba and the adventures he becomes a part of. The tale also tells how he grows up to be a brave king from the little scared and vulnerable boy he used to be. I’m sure all the fans still remember the lyrics of ‘Circle of Life’.  If you have not watched the movie but catch an adult singing the song, don’t think he or she is weird. Watch the movie and you’ll be one of them too.

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If you love musical movies just as much as I do, then these movies are a must watch. Have we missed a movie? Leave a comment below.

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