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July 30, 2016

The Mouth Of A Fox: A Native American Story

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Once, at a time once his mouth was still tiny and dainty (as actually it was accustomed be), the fox was out walking and happened to note a Huaychao singing on a brow. Fascinated by the bird’s flute-like bill, he enquired courteously, “What a beautiful flute, friend Huaychao, and how well you play it! Would you let me try to play it? I am going to provide it back in this very moment, I promise.”

The bird refused, however the fox was therefore so insistent that finally the huaychao lent him its bill, advising him to stitch up his lips aside from a little gap so the ‘flute’ would match excellent.

Then the fox began to play. He endlessly continued on and on. After a while the huaychao asked for its bill back, however still the fox was adamant and did not wish to part with its new found attraction. The bird reminded him, “You promised to return my bill. Besides, I solely use it from time to time; you are taking part in it perpetually.” However the fox pain no attention and the huaychao’s plea fell on deaf ears.

Awakened by the sound of the flute, skunks came out of their burrows and climbed up hill in a very active throng. After they saw the fox efficiently playing the flute, they broke into a gig and continued to dance.

At the sight of the swaying skunks, the fox burst out guffawing. As he laughed, his lips became un-stitched. His mouth ripped open and kept on tearing till he seemed to be grinning from ear to ear. Before the fox could regain his disposition, the huaychao had picked up his bill and flown away.

It is said to the present day the fox features an immense mouth – as penalization for breaking his promise.

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