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March 26, 2018

9 Most Searched Celebrities on Google

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most searched celebrities - gigi hadid
We live in an era where google is the be all and end all of all our quests and questions. And among all the things we seek Google’s help for, is not just restricted to managing our day to day activities, but also our anxiety to take a sneak peek into the lives of our beloved celebrities and stars. There are most searched celebrities on google of all times but here we have a selected few most searched celebrities on google, with the reasons that led their names reappearing on the google feed. This is the list of a few celebrities who have been by far immensely googled and have become trending.

#1 Meghan Markle

The royal affairs are always doing the rounds of news and such information interests the public without doubt. The “suits” actress and humanitarian, Rachel Meghan Markle, the soon-to-be royal family member has been a recent topic of discussion amongst the public. Be it her dressing sense, her style and aura, or be it the Liam Payne concert Harry and Meghan were spotted attending together, people have shown a keen interest in her lifestyle. Her images have been frequently googled and she accounts for being one of the popular celebrities on the internet, who has taken the internet in an all storm situation, owing to her impeccably flawless fashion sense. Well the world really wanted to find out who Meghan Markle actually was. That is the most possible answer to the question, why Meghan is one of the most popular celebrities and most searched celebrities. For the second year in a row Meghan is the most searched celebrity on google. Well social media has a valid reason for buzzing around her on the internet since she her name has got linked to Prince Harry’s name.

most searched celebrities - meghan markle

#2 Gigi Hadid

Not searched enough to be in the list of top ten until 14 March 2018, when she split with her two-year love, one direction fame- Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid is a well-known face of the cosmetic and fashion industry. She has modeled for several brands and has been a known personality of the industry, but she rose to being googled a lot when she first came into a relationship with Zayn and again, the public took to google, to find out as to whether the news of their break-up was legitimate. Gigi and her sister Bella Hadid are counted among some of the most popular celebrities, but we are more interested in relationships of our favorite celebrities. No wonder, Zayn and Gigi secured a place in the most searched celebrities on google. Also Gigi’s friends have their spots on the list of googled people as well.

#3 Ed Sheeran

The eddy teddy, stealer of all romantic hearts and the “shape of you” hit maker was a constant word of the mouth due to his peppy music number and was among the most popular celebrities that was in Google’s list. One reason can be his visit to India and the way he mixed well with the Bollywood stars at a party, while the major reason remains his supercool album “divide”. The album was also topping the charts of music at various platforms and so was the singer among the most searched celebrities on the internet. Another valid enough reason was his engagement with his long-time girl-friend, that melted the hearts of his fans. Ed was also spotted carrying his girlfriend’s footwear at an event while she wore his shoes, sweet enough and full of chivalry. To add to the genuine causes, he was searched so often, his songs have been big time hits and have touched millions of souls with meaningful lyrics and soulful rhythms.

#4 Gal Gadot

Everyone on google was searching for Gal Gadot this year, one of the most famous Israeli ever was the most searched celebrity on google. The 32-year old actress, was born and brought-up in Israel and has served in the defense forces. She starred as “wonder woman” and “the justice league”; co-incidentally these two were among the most searched films as well. Gadot has also been the second-most searched person of Philippines. While people searched Gadot’s fitness secrets to her husband’s name and whereabouts. She took the internet by a storm, especially when her movies premiered. A model who has served the nation and a mother of two. Indeed, a wonder woman, isn’t she?

#5 Harvey Weinstein

The towering Hollywood producer Harvey, has a google document full of accusations against him. He entered the list of most googled celebrities when people like Zoe Brock, came forward and revealed that Weinstein had been sexually harassing models and actresses, and the number of women he has harassed is each day updating. 19 alleged rapes, 45 assaults, six incidents involving women younger than 20, and so on. A lot of famous faces of the film and television industry have joined hands to bring the truth to the forefront. The coming forth of such allegations has been a reason, people wanted to find out more about him. From Angelina Jolie to Rose McGowan to Kate Beckinsale, women have come forward and accused Harvey of heinous activities.

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#6 Melania Trump

During Donald Trumps’ campaigns and initial days of office, people wanted to know more about his life and family. And later when Melania spoke on her life and marriage at a television talk show, the internet was constantly buzzing with activity on updating information about her, not the most searched celebrity on Google though, but one of the most searched celebrities and most popular celebrities as well, Melania the current first lady of the United States, has also been a model. Well the wife of the president is a lady; many young women look up to. She has just not been a better half but has also played various roles successfully in the life of Donald. She has done many American Magazine cover shoots, like- Vogue, In Style Weddings, Vanity Fair, etc. Her popularity could also be attributed to the fact that she has immensely supported her husband in the presidential campaign and has also encouraged him.

#7 Chester Bennington

Serving as a lead singer at Linkin Park, Dead by Sunrise and Stone Temple Pilots, Chester Bennington became one of the most searched celebrities, when the sudden news of his demise broke out. An American singer, songwriter and musician, Chester committed suicide in 2017, after battling persistent depression for many years. His friends said he also suffered alcoholic relapses. It was also revealed that all of Bennington’s songs had a concealed cue in the form of the lyrics, of the mental state he was in, and the amount of depression he was going through.

#8 Justin Bieber

The way too popular singer and songwriter, the Canadian residing in several hearts, has also been in the list of the most googled celebrities of all time. His famous song “sorry” followed by another hit “despacito”, in collaboration with Luis Fonsi (another popular singer), is the reason he has been a constant on the list of the most googled celebrities. 2015’s most googled name on the planet has stayed on the list throughout the years at different levels. Bieber and his equation with Selena Gomez, his rise to stardom, and the constant troubles he keeps getting caught in, keep him on the list. Well he also has an immense number of fans that hero-worship him. And his music is indeed worth the love. He without doubt counts among the most searched celebrities.

#9 Kathy Griffin

Another celebrity, people couldn’t stop searching was Kathy Griffin, an American comedian. She raised a much controversial row over a picture of Donald Trump. A stand-up comedian and television face, Kathy is known much for her role in “suddenly Susan”. The picture happened, Kathy used some derogatory terms for the president and later Kathy apologised for it, but a media controversy is far more than widespread. Griffin said that she lost friends and was refused work, also received death threats for her actions. And since that episode, Kathy has become a member to the list of the most popular celebrities on google. She was also fired from her job as a co-host of a CNN event. She has come up with explanation about the issue on a few platforms and the issue has cooled down a bit.

No matter how caught up we might be with our own lives, googling up most searched celebrities and running controversies is a not so time-consuming task for us. Whether it be home remedies or celebrity updates, it’s a never-ending task for google to seek and display answer to all our queries. If you have missed a little of what’s trending in the celebrity club, gear yourself and update your information house with this list.

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