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March 8, 2017

9 Most Dangerous Insects found in India

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Dangerous Insects: Indian Hemiptera

Danger comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes, is barely noticeable. Sometimes, the most beautiful things are the most dangerous. The tiny bugs that fly around in the air may not seem so harmful, but some could be really deadly bugs. Their stings and bites could seriously effect our health.

India’s diversity in terms of almost everything is just amazing, so it’s no surprise that India plays host to some very deadly insects.

Here’s a list of some of the most dangerous insects found in our country.

#1 Indian Hemiptera

Commonly categorized as bugs and known as the largest of the Exopterygote insects among zoologists, these are those guests you would sometimes find in your garden with a rather beautiful exterior. But don’t let its looks fool you.  Some Hemipteras found in India are parasites and are responsible for spreading the Chagas disease.

dangerous insects - Indian Hemiptera

#2 Bees

India is the home to four different  species of bees and though they are generally harmless if left undisturbed, an attack from a swarm can be fatal for humans. Death from bee stings is a more common cause of death than shark attacks or attacks from some fierce wild beasts. Bees are responsible for pollination of flowers and for providing our precious honey, but they can be really dangerous if we put them in a situation where they  have to defend themselves.

Who could imagine that the bees who provide us with the yummy honey, could be one of the deadliest insects? So next time you a bee buzzing next to your ear, be aware of its sting. Also, never try attacking their hives for honey, the swarm of bees could sting you to death.

dangerous insects - bees

#3 Red ants or Fire ants

Found in some (parts of Madhya Pradesh and Kerala) villages in India, Fire ants or Red ants have a very painful sting and they sting at the slightest hint of danger. They commonly make their homes inside of tree trunks and people mostly fall victim to its vicious sting when a red ant falls off a tree and onto an unsuspecting person. The pain from the sting of a Red ant takes at least five days to wear off completely.

dangerous insects - red ants/ fire ants

red ants/ fire ants

#4 Indian Wasp

The Indian paper wasp and the Indian wasp are two common species found in various parts of the country. Unlike bees, wasps do not leave their stingers behind on the skin of the victim, therefore they can sting more than once. They get aggravated when outsiders approach their nests or hang around for too long in the vicinity. Wasp stings are quite painful and you want to avoid it if you can. Wasp stings leave behind a burning sensation and is also known to cause mild fevers.
dangerous insects - the indian wasp

#5 The Asian Giant Hornet

The largest and deadliest in the hornet family, this intimidating minuscule winged beast is found in some parts of the country. The venom from an Asian Giant Hornet is made up of no less than eight different types of toxins. The sting can cause anaphylactic shock or cardiac arrest.

dangerous insects - the asian giant hornet

#6 The Mosquito

It seems odd that the common winged dweller should make such a list of poisonous insects. But the mosquito is surprisingly one of world’s deadliest insects. It responsible for around 205,000 deaths per year. Though the sting from the mosquito is more irritating than painful it is responsible for the spread of diseases like Dengue, Malaria and more recently the Zika virus.

dangerous insects - mosquito

#7 Cockroach

An insect usually found in the household is the cockroach. Though there are numerous methods to control their growth, cockroach are dangerous insects because they are highly responsible for spreading germs. They usually feed on leftovers in the kitchen or the garbage. They are usually nocturnal. Their debris, like their left over skins and dead bodies, can spread allergies. Also, the germs they leave behind can cause food poisoning.

dangerous insects: cockroach


#8 Scorpion

The Indian red Scorpion and the giant black Indian Scorpion found in India are considered as dangerous insects because of their lethal bites. They supposedly cause ten to twenty deaths every year in India.

dangerous insects: Red Scorpion


#9 Termites

One of the deadliest and dangerous insects found in India is Termite or Wood Ant. Commonly known as dimak in Hindi, termites are unknown as silent destroyers. They are hard to detect and can cause some serious damage to wood, wallpaper or flooring.

dangerous insects: termites


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