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November 11, 2016

9 Most Controversial Toys Ever Made

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The word ‘toy’ instantly connects our mind to an innocent and cute thingy that we can hardly think of any controversy can plausibly be related with them. But believe it or not, there are toys which were banned due to their awkward, perverted make or weirdly inappropriate creativity of the makers. Here is a list of few controversial toys parents thought will affect their kids negatively. However, it would have been probably better had these products never seen the light of day.

#9 Stripper Pole Dolls

These dancing dolls hit the stores in UK somewhere around 2009. The doll came with a pole and dvd. Not sure what the makers were thinking but the toy definitely did not please the parents. It is one of the banned kids toys that was soon taken off the shelf.

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#8 Life Size Pole For Children

As if the doll was not enough that pole for children was introduced in the market. The toy along with pole came with music CD and money. Not sure who thought pole dancing is a child’s game!

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#7 Vibrating Nimbus 2000

One of the inappropriate kids toys, this Harry Potter themed toy was everything a child wants. So what went wrong with this one? Well, this toy used to vibrate and this was the main source of discontentment for the parents. In fact, some innovative customers used it as a s*x toy. No wonder the broomstick was discontinued soon.

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#6 The Pregnant Doll

“Barbie’s friend Midge is having a baby.” And, the game for the children was to pull out the baby from Midge. Parents were outraged when this doll hit the market causing some of the retailers to pull it from their shelves. From no viewpoint, it was suitable for a kid to play. In fact, some parents even accused it for promoting teenage pregnancy.

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#5 The Twin Towers Toy

This is indeed one of the most shocking and controversial toys. Destruction of the twin towers in the 9/11 attack is one of the biggest tragedies in the history of the world. It is a dreadful thing to turn such a disastrous event into a toy.

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#4 The Breastfeeding Toy

While little kids, especially girls, love to have a baby doll (no pun intended) to play parent, making this toy was a bit overboard. Okay, a lot! It came with fake nipples vest for the child pretending to be a mother. This was considered as ‘creepy’ by most people and is undoubtedly one of the most inappropriate toys for kids. Despite the debate the toy also received a lot of support, including from breast feeding organisations as it promoted the healthy practice.

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#3 Growing Up Skipper

We have had breastfeeding dolls, pole dancing dolls and pregnant dolls on our list but Growing Up Skipper takes away the came. In 1980s, the makers of Skipper (Barbie’s best friend) came up with Growing Up Skipper doll idea. If you rotated the hand of the doll, the doll grew bust. The parents were not happy with the idea and soon the doll was discontinued.

Controversial Toys: Growing Up Skipper

#2 Atomic Energy Lab

Do you have an Einstein in family? Atomic Energy Lab was a perfect toy set for all the scientists but the toy was soon recalled and discontinued by the makers. Why so? Because the toy set actually contained radioactive materials for children to play with. No wonder this toy is considered one of the most controversial toys ever.

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#1 Cabbage Patch Doll

Seems like, apparently Mattel has had an old connection with controversies. In the 1980s, Mattel was constantly releasing new versions and characters in the popular doll line, Cabbage Patch dolls. These dolls came with plastic food that you could feed to the doll, but, unfortunately the doll’s jaws didn’t stop when children’s fingers or hair got caught due to the absence of an ‘off’ switch. Mattel received numerous complaints from angry parents leading to banning and discontinuing of the product.

Controversial Toys: Cabbage Patch Doll


These were just few of the controversial toys we have listed here. E.T. Home Phone, Barbie Oreo, clackers, jarts, Spongebob Address Book and Dora Aquapet are few other controversial toys that have been either recalled, banned or are considered too dangerous for kids to play with.

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