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September 20, 2015

13 Moments of Drunk People which was actually inspirational

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Live the moments of drunk people

Inspirational quotes annoy me. They make me want to punch everyone who sends them to me. Too bad most of these ‘inspirational’ picture quotes are sent to me by family members. Amateurs on the internet, I tell you. But have you considered drinking as inspiration! I know it sounds way off from the hook but there are some Moments of Drunk People which will give you a second thought on this. You will just go insane by the idea that how these moments of drunk people are actually communicating an inspirational thought. Don’t just carried away with saying – just interpret the motivation thought.

It really gave me a lot of, joy was the discovery of a bunch of individuals like myself on Reddit who went ahead and put all these godawful inspirational quotes on pictures of drunk people. Welcome to drunkspiration. Genius.

P.S- Don’t tell the family. 😛


#1 I’m a 100% dedicated. I’m in this for good.

You know it’s best trick word play to show how I am good with this, right?


#2 By the look of things, you’re a long way from being done, buddy.

Now, this is inspiring, like a lot. You, my friend, has a long way ahead to go and nothing gonna stop you tonight! – I know without this image, this may sound inspiring. Still, it motivates, to what- that’s on you guys!


#3 Yes, 5 shots are the threshold for me. Everything is smooth sailing after. Bring eeet!

That’s true! 5 shots are just the beginning. There is nothing like stopping in this world. The beginning may be little hurdling but rest become smooth. We all know that.


#4 It should never be about ‘Can you’. It should always be about ‘When can you’.

Let people talk! It’s what all they do, all they can. “Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t” – I didn’t say that, Will smith said in The pursuit of happiness. Make their ignorance and disapproval, your strength – not only in drinking !! Just Kidding. It’s lesson of life.


#5 Don’t stop until you make your parents proud. One more, Caaahmawwwwwwn!

The Ultimate motto of your life could be just one – Never stop! If you do not stop, no matter whatever it takes, no matter how many times you failed, just keep doing things until you make your parents & yourself proud on you. Learn from drinkers, they never ashamed or get zoned by their alcoholic tendency. They are proudy – so you should be so like that


#6 Words of the wise old monk.

No matter, if we are talking about whiskey or life – It’s true for both!


#7 ‘Quit’ is not a word in my dictionary.

Everything else is acceptable in life except quitting.  Never Quit, just like a faithful alcoholic !


#8 Stop being a pet. Be a man for Christ’s sake.

Now that’s cool!  You cannot gift yourself something that is not worth. Right! You gotta give something more special ..like a lot.


#9 Opportunity doesn’t knock twice on your door.

If you miss the shot, you miss the shot. There is no coming back. Once you lost the opportunity, it never gonna come back. So never back off whether it is life or Vodka Shot!


#10 It’s all in the mind. Control of mind is control of self.

It’s all start from your head. What you think, you become. So shut it down.


#11 The first heartbreak? But that doesn’t give you the right to quit. Get back and give me 7 more shots. Now!

Fall back are always there. You just have to give it a try.. and keep doing it until you nail it! Even the moments of drunk people say that theory.


#12 What do you tell the alcohol gods shutting their shops on a public holiday? Not today.

Promise you will not do that one day, you will be sober and sophisticated one day – but it’s okay to not make that one day today! Live today- seize the day.Live the moments of drunk people. You know like carefree and instinctive for a while.


#13 Hit it as hard as possible. It’ll all come out eventually.

Just confront everything with all you got. One of the best lesson you can learn from these moments of drunk people. Try and hit, with all you have. Put your everything to make out something and it will be done eventually just like a bottle of  Whiskey. All you need it is – one push!


Promise me, you won’t let me drink again.

Comments to 13 Moments of Drunk People which was actually inspirational

  • Love the messages, not the messengers!

    Roma September 23, 2015 12:31 pm
    • Haha! They are very profound!

      Calamity Jane September 25, 2015 2:09 pm