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June 11, 2016

Did You Miss Any Of These Disney Movies’ Inside Pranks?

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Disney loves to have some fun in their own unique way. They love to hide subtle in-jokes in the movies they have made in over fifty years.  The animator loves to hide characters from one of their films to some scene in their another movie, this may have made a great Disney game but animators do it just for some laugh.

Here are 11 Disney movie pranks that you didn’t notice… Or did you?

#1 Mickey Mouse and Friends in King Triton’s court in the movie ‘The Little Mermaid’

Mickey Mouse and his friends can be seen in the crowd at the very beginning of the movie when King Triton arrives for Ariel’s concert.

mickey mouse

#2 Sid becomes a Bin Man in ‘Toy Story III’

Andy’s 10 year old neighbor Sid who was seen in the very 1st installment of the movie had been turned into a bin man in the third movie of the series.

sid bin man

#3 The pizza truck from ‘Toy Story’ Franchise

This has become a true iconic Pixar in-joke as the animator keeps sneaking it in every single Pixar movie whenever they could after it first appearance in the movie the toy story.

pizza truck

#4 A113 seen in every Pixar Movie

The code A113 had been seen somewhere in every movie Pixar ever made since it was also the classroom number in California Institute of Arts where the original Pixar team had studied.


#5 Nemo in the movie ‘Brother Bear’

You many not notice it because Nemo was visible just for a second in the scene of fishing before it gets hit by a mammoth and flies to the side of the screen.


#6 The Beast miniature in ‘Aladdin’

Disney animators cleverly sneaked in the Beast miniature into the toy stack of Sultan which can be seen when he stacks them on over another.

beast in alladin

#7 Scar as Nemesis Lion in ‘Hercules’

The villain from ‘The Lion King’ had been chosen as the nemesis lion which Hercules had to wear in the movie.

scar in hercules

#8 The Pinocchio joke in ‘Aladdin’

Genie from ‘Aladdin’ had been seen making Pinocchio joke when Aladdin claims that he will release him once he fulfills his two wishes.


#9 Mrs. Potts and Chip in ‘Tarzan’

During ‘Trashing The Camp’ song, Terks plays spoons on the cup set from ‘Beauty and The Beast’.

potts and chip

#10 Mr. Incredible in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’

In the dentist waiting room, Disney hides Mr. Incredible on the cover page of the magazine a young patient was reading.

mr. incredible

#11 Rapunzel and Flynn in ‘Frozen’

Rapunzel and Flynn can be seen in the movie ‘Frozen’ in the song ‘From the First Time in Forever’.

rapunzel in tangled

How many did you know already? Are there some other Disney pranks we missed? Tell us in the comments section below!

Images Source: http://skuchno.net

Featured Image Source: http://themiasphere.com

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