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August 27, 2017

6 Mind Blowing Places Every Person Should Visit in South India

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South India

Tired from the monotonous work routine, need a break? Want to get away from the same files and everyday faces, then you definitely need an escape!

Travelling has a different meaning for anyone. For some it’s an escape, some need to fulfill their travel diary and some travel for business or leisure. However, nowadays many people are going abroad, when India has so much to offer. Know your country first, and then search elsewhere! In this article, we will discover many places that definitely deserve a trip to and which will tattoo in your heart forever.

#1 Coorg

Coorg also known as the Scotland of India is definitely a must-not-miss destination. Book your train ticket and travel to the Southern India, where Coorg lies cradling in the Western Ghats. From the lush greenery to the amazing food and festivals, the place will always be memorable. Also, enjoy the several activates the place provide and have an amazing opportunity to learn about Kodavas, the ethnic group of locals.

#2 Hampi

Found in Karnataka, Hampi is the usually the escape place for students as it’s very affordable. Hampi will blow your mind with its rustic temple yet amazing lifestyle with a ghetto touch. Found on the banks of river Tungabhadra, the place is the best choice to dwell in nature. Hampi has two sides, one where you can visit the ruins of Vijayanagara Empire and the temples. Then cross the river on the coracle boat where nine people can have a seat and reach the other side. As you reach, check- in the several small stay over’s, rent a bike and roam around. Bring a group of friends or family, Hampi will always be memorable.

#3 Ooty

We all have heard of Ooty and most probably it’s already on your wish list. Ooty, a small hill station in the Southern part if India, Tamil Nadu. For years, Ooty has attracted several of visitor both Indians and foreigners. Known for its lush greenery and coldness it is also a preferred choice for honeymoon couples. Therefore if you are tired from work, take your loved one on a romantic ride to Ooty and enjoy the calmness and serenity of the small town.

#4 Kochi

Kochi, a blend of British culture mixes with the traditional Keralite with an extensive history of traders and explorers. Being a cosmopolitan city, Kochi is one of the favorite locations for many foreigners. Visit the Fort Kochi, the backbone of the place’s culture and history. Visit the museums and the churches. And have some amazing seafood cooked in the traditional coconut oil. Watch a beautiful sunset through the fishing nets.

#5 Pondicherry

A  French taste by the Bay of Bengal! Beautiful place with an amazing culture! Pondicherry is a high maintained place with beautiful buildings and roads. Preserving the French culture, Pondicherry has always attracted many foreigners and Indian tourists. Visit the museums and learn about the French traders leaving a strong impact on the town. Stop by the famous restaurants which through their setting show glimpses of the French culture.  Swim in the Bay of Bengal and enjoy the quiet and sandy beaches.

#6 Kovalam

For once do not rush to Goa; there are many more beautiful beaches in India than those in Goa! Kovalam in Kerala known as the coconut village is the perfect place if you want to get away from the rush and busy city life. Enjoy some quiet and peaceful moments with your family and loved ones. Set up a camping near the beach and do some leisurely things such as reading or writing or anything you have been postponing. Walk by the sea and watch a beautiful sunset from the lighthouse.

Finish reading? Now pack your bag and leave for somewhere!  We all need an escape, but we always relent from it, saying we need to save money for future but we need to think life is going by if we do not act now, bring some changes, life will always be monotonous.

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