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January 29, 2016

Travel Diaries: Mesmerizing Day Trip to Murudeshwara

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Lord Shiva

Our lives has become monotonous. Each morning starts with planning the whole day and making sure it ensues accordingly. We keep working the entire day long striving to accomplish the tasks at hand, completing the designated assignments, attending college, engaging in conferences, presenting projects before the deadline, preparing for interviews, running umpteen errands, and well, the list is just endless. As the day reaches an end, we would trade anything for an impeccable night’s sleep.

Travel seems like a good option to escape this mundane life but travel too has become luxury. Travel is no longer cheap but you don’t always have to go outside India to relax. There are many places in India that go unnoticed and one such place is Murudeshwara.

Murudeshwara is situated on the western coast of Karnataka (accessible by train from Goa, Bangalore and Mangalore) and is beautifully concealed amid alluring hillocks and the majestic Arabian Sea. Aptly described as the perfect blend of spirituality and scenic beauty, it is a modest town which envelopes the second tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. The picturesque town has had a glorious past which dates back to the days of Ramayana.

Relishing coffee on the balcony of my hotel room, which overlooked the gorgeous sea, the wonders of our miraculous Mother Nature dawned upon me then. The tranquil waters which seemed so pleasant to the eye at that moment had swallowed colossal vessels and at times, extirpated villages. I decided to visit the temple. The prodigious statue of Lord Shiva enthralled me, as I went on encircling it like an oblivious devotee completely absorbed in his Lord. The temple, ornamented with flowers, filled the air with a pleasantly sweet aroma.

Murudeshwar Beach

I was hungry after the visit to the temple. I headed toward the small, yet vibrant market that was sprawled across the street. The local women cooked mouth-watering seafood with coy smiles decorating their faces. After having a hearty meal, I went for a walk along the beach. The sea looked abysmal as the cool breeze lightly brushed my hair. The warm sight of the enticing waves that smoothly caressed the sand and retreated was absolutely rejuvenating.

The town looked enchanting as it lit up at dusk. The Arti bells and drum beats reverberating through the temple and the eternal ambiance invigorated me. As night fell, I went for a walk along the beach. The water which seemed bright grey under the moonlight had witnessed centuries drift by and withheld all its secrets deftly. It was exactly in that moment, standing at the brink of land as gentle waves of brine kissed my silt soaked feet, I realized how each moment of our life is slipping before our eyes in an avalanche of day to day activities which have become so monotonous that they have begun to define our life.

As I packed my bags next day to return to my usual life, I realized how important and self-learning the trip was. Had I stayed for an additional day, I would have definitely gone for scuba diving.

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