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February 29, 2016

‘Menstrual Pain Leave Rule’ Passed in few Provinces of China

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Menstrual Pain Leave Rule

Few years back, discussing “menstruation” in public was considered as bad as stealing something, let alone the thought of starting a ‘Menstrual Pain Leave Rule’.

Women who suffer from menstrual pain can vouch for the amount of discomfort it can cause to them, often making it difficult to work properly. The topic “Menstruation” is no longer considered a taboo and more and more people are coming in the forefront to discuss about it. And it seems that these discussions are paying off really well.

Anhui Province of East China is all set to give women leave, who suffer from menstrual pain. The ‘Menstrual Pain Leave Rule, a move appreciated all over the world by the women, are new sets of regulations to guaranty a leave of one to two days to women who suffer from acute cramps. This is only applicable to women who can submit a medical certificate from their doctors to be eligible for the leave. These rules will come into existence from March. The ‘Menstrual Pain Leave Rule’ was decided during the 67th annual meeting of Anhui Provincial Government body held in January.

However Anhui isn’t the first Province to have introduced this plan. Provinces of Hubei and Shanxi, and some parts of Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan already provide offer this leave. Also in the western countries, women are appreciating such move and are drawing attention of the Government towards their problems.

The ‘Menstrual Pain Rule’ has been greeted warmly by everyone in the province. Lowina Tse, a gynecologist and a director of Hong Kong Women Doctors Association, told the media that just as other health issues, menstrual cramps should be treated as a legitimate cause of taking leave. “Some women may have menstrual cramps, and others may have other chronic conditions such as irritable bowels, migraines, or asthma attacks every now and then”, Tse commented.

There has been a lot of debate about the actual implementation of such law and its consequences. According to China.org, an investigation carried out suggests that at least twenty percent women will downright not take these leave with the fear of exposing their personal life. Companies are also worried about the extra cost that has to borne by them. This can result into less hiring of women employees.

However, the ‘Menstrual Pain Leave Rule’ has faced some criticism too. Few Gynecologists in China believe that it will be difficult to measure the amount of pain a woman feels. So, this can result into misusing of the law. Also equal pay for equal work among men and women can get violated.

Yet this is a welcome move for women all across the world. Whether to opt for them or not is a personal choice but the fact that these needs are being considered and are getting taken care of is a huge thing. With these Asian countries starting these laws, it will be a wonderful thing if India can take a call and think on these grounds.

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