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October 12, 2016

Meet the Wonderful Wizard of Woz – Steve Wozniak

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Wozniak’s adventure with technology began in fourth grade when he made a transistor in order to build an intercom system with amplifiers, relays, lights, and buzzers that connected the kids’ bedrooms of six houses in the neighbourhood. In eighth grade, he built a calculator that included one hundred transistors, two hundred diodes, and two hundred resistors on ten circuit boards which won the top prize in a local contest run by the Air Force.

Wozniak’s and Jobs collaboration happened when Wozniak designed a circuit that could fool the system into allowing a long-distance call to go through without extra charges and Jobs sold them to earn the profit.

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Wozniak used to work as a software engineer for HP and designed Apple 1 and II when working for HP. He showed his designs to the company but was rejected. He decided to quit and started working with Jobs. He not only designed Apple I and II, but also wanted to give them for free. It was Jobs’ idea to sell them.

He is also credited with designing the first ever remote control of the world, the CORE in 1987.

Wozniak crashed his new single-engine Beechcraft while attempting a takeoff near Santa Cruz. He barely survived and ended up with partial memory loss. After recovering he decided it was time to take a break from Apple and ten years after dropping went back to college to finally get a degree under the name of Rocky Raccoon.

Apart from being a good technician e was a generous philanthropist. Before the shares went public, he decided to sell, at a very low price, two thousand of this to forty different midlevel employees. Most of them made enough from these to buy a home.

He once acted as the mad hatter in the play, ‘Alice In wonderland’ for his love for children.A Street in San Jose, California, is named in his honour, because of his contribution to the Children’s discovery Museum located there.

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He also made a guest appearance in The Big Bang Theory season 4, episode 2 wherein, Sheldon sees him having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and sends a robotic version of him to chat about the Apple II. Unfortunately, the episode ends with Sheldon tripping and breaking both the Apple II and his ankle.

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