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November 12, 2016

Meet the Owners of India’s First and Only Private Sanctuary

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The air quality in India is depleting. In fact it was so bad that the capital had to shut schools for a week to ensure children safety. As humans we have access to medicines to look after health but what about animals?

In 1991, Pamela and Anil Malhotra visited India and saw the pollution. This motivated them to build a place where animals could feel protected. They started with 55 acres of land (initial purchase) to build the sanctuary and it has been extended to 300 acres. The sanctuary is now managed by Save Animal Initiative organization and Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra serve as the trustees.

The private sanctuary is now home to many rare and endangered species in India. It is situated in Kodagu District, Karnataka.

The journey to build first sanctuary was not an easy task. They faced several challenges but hunting/poaching was the main challenge. They worked with the forest department to set up traps and cameras to maintain the forest.

The organization has been pursuing companies to buy land to grow the private sanctuary. General public or nature lovers can contribute to this initiative by staying at the cottages built at the sanctuary.

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