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July 28, 2016

Meet The JALLADS: The Real Indian Hangmen

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Judicial hanging scenes, precisely in Indian movies where the judges are seen quoting “To be hanged till death” followed by a hanging scene has been a curiosity. These Jallads i.e. Indian hangmen seem equivalent to the villain as they pull the rope and the body hangs like a pendulum in just once shot.

A few real life Jallads are here to thrill you:

#1 Pavan Kumar

Pavan Kumar , 52, is the official registered hangman in the country who is yet to commit this daring act. He is a part-time clothes hawker from Meerut and is still waiting to hang a convict. Pretty sure you would never practice hanging a man, unlike him.

#2 Mammu Singh
This 66 year old veteran, missed his chance to hang the terrorist Ajmal Kasab due to his ill health. Who wouldn’t like to hang Kasab?

#3 Babu Jallad

While the real identity of Babu Jallad, a police constable, will never be revealed, he is the one to hang the recent terrorism convict Yakub Memon and many men including Kasab. Paid a sum of Rs. 5000 to hang Kasab, we are pretty sure he would have done it for free!!

#4 Nata Mallick 

The official hangmen of Alipur Central Jail, has sent many men to hell. You sure will call him the “angel of death”.

#5 Arjun Bhika Jadhav 

This executioner had led a life full of threats , while running from one village to another with his family. He has now retired , he is now remorseful with of his work. Seems his heart really beats to kill criminals.

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  • nobody teaches you to be a hangman. The art of self learning .

    Akash September 17, 2016 9:37 pm Reply

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