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September 6, 2016

Meet India’s Youngest Pilot, Ayesha Aziz

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It’s true that if we want to achieve our goal with all our heart then no one can stop us. We all have heard about quite a number of people who have fulfilled their ambitions at a very tender age. We don’t have to go far too foreign countries to meet people like them. We can find such people in our country itself. Like Raghav Joneja, was the youngest person to climb Mount Everest at the age of 15. There is some like this about whom we would we talking today. Ayesha Aziz, a Kashmiri girl who got her license as a pilot just at the age of 16. She is the first youngest pilot of India.

Ayesha has always dreamed of flying an airplane and her dream finally got fulfilled when she got her first license as a pilot by Bombay Flying Club. While she was in 12th standard at Christ Church School, Mumbai, a NASA team visited their school and selected her along with two other boys for a space training programme. This was a lifetime opportunity for the young inspiration. She even got to meet the aviator John McBride and even Sunita Williams, her greatest inspiration. In one of her interviews Ayesha recalls, “I met her when she came to Worli in 2013 or 2014. I shared my experiences with her. I told her about the activities I participated in NASA like scuba diving; moon walk and bunny walk which an astronaut should know.”

In this male dominated society Ayesha has succeeded in achieving her dreams. With her constant hard work, confidence and focus she has paved a long way. Currently she is pursuing her B.Sc third year in Aviation from Bombay Flying Club where in a batch of 40 students there are only 4 women. She will be getting her commercial pilot license after completing her course.

She joined the flying school after completing her 10th grade. She successfully cleared all her ground classes and her viva sessions. On November, 2013 she got her student pilot license. But due to some monetary constraints her training for commercial pilot has been delayed. She currently flies single engine Cessna 152 and Cessna172. Ayesha says that she is lucky to have such understanding parents who not only supports her but is also proud of what she is doing, in a society where people still look for girls who are good at household work. Girls like Ayesha Aziz are an inspiration for us and our society.

Featured Image Source: India Today

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