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October 5, 2016

Meet 7 of India’s Women Motorcycle Clubs

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Women on Wheels

An open road, wind in hair, breathtaking views and gallons of confidence

Women-only biker groups or motorcycle clubs are no longer a rarity in India. The Indian woman is breaking through gender stereotypes with class in almost every aspect and why shouldn’t she? Driven by passion, excitement and adventure, these women picked up their bikes and hit the road only to see a whole new world open up.

Meet the drivers standing at the helm of India’s growing female motorcycling movement and see them whiz past you while you stand and stare.

#7 Bikerni

This biker gang holds high value in breaking records, making history and striving for equality. Being the first all-female motorcycle club in India, these guys started out as just a dozen and expanded to a club  with 500+members across the country, these women stand to be the front-runners of the women motorcycling movement.

The group has many records to their credit. They’ve even set a record in the Limca Book of World Records for being the largest all-women group to ride to Khardung-La, considered the highest motorable mountain pass.
All you women motorcycling enthusiasts register here:

#6 Hop on Gurls

This biker club based out of Bangalore doesn’t just encourage women to take on riding expeditions but also trains each rider to ride a bullet, right from scratch. Started in 2011, the group has branches in Mysore and Pune. “The idea was not welcomed by everyone. But we were adamant, we wanted to help women explore their passion for biking, and we just decided to go ahead,” says the Founder

Register here :

#5 Biking Queens

Based in Surat, biking queens is one of the popular riding groups of India making a mark on the female motorcycling movement. The Queens plan and ride every month, be it short rides or long. Consisting of about 45 members, they define their group in three words namely, “Passion-Respect-Contribution”.

Four female bikers from the group have embarked on a 15000 km route from Surat to Singapore via Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia in a 40-day long journey to promote women education and empowerment and are updating their escapades real time on their Facebook page.

Check out their updates so far:

#4 Biker Babez

Founded by Sindi Soundari, a successful racer in 2013 with just two girls, the club today is a group of woman riders which she formed with the intent to help girls with dreams like herself and passion for riding motorcycles. Based out of Chennai, the group has members spread across the country and they venture out on rides every week regardless of their busy schedules.

#3 Lady Riders of India

This group is a unit of passionate and strong-willed women across the country who ride superbikes above 650cc. Currently a closely-knit group of 24 members who define themselves as achievers, they are planning one big International ride soon.

Visit them here:

#2 The ‘Lady Bikers’

Based in Kolkata, they have treaded into almost every part of India. They state that they’re a relatively small group because they believe in quality over quantity and they don’t have to venture out by schedule, they can just gear up and hit the road. They believe unplanned trips make for the best ones.

#1 Riderni Club

The Riderni Club founded by Anjaly Rajan is based in Ahmedabad and has women aged twenty through forty-nine overcoming gender stereotypes while whizzing past in their motorcycles past people This group has also taken out rallies in social interest such as against substance abuse.
Check them out here:

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