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February 9, 2016

Meet 1st Social Viral of the Year – #iambill

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Meet 1st Social Viral of the Year: I Am Bill

Meet 1st social viral of the year 2016 – Bill. If you don’t know Bill, then we are sure you are googling him right now.

Bill is a stick figure, who stands in the corner with a smiling face, and a whole description about why he is better than every living being on this planet earth. Narcissism at it’s very best, truly. Bill currently rules the Internet world. We bring you 7 unknown facts about #iambill.

#1. Meet the creator

The man behind Bill is a 23 year old guy from Milan, who goes by the name Eugeniu Croitoru and lives in Italy. Hello, handsome! His idea has taken the social media by storm and has made everyone crazy about Bill.


Eugeniu Croitoru

#2. Made his debut in 2015

Bill has become famous in 2016 but he made his debut in October, 2015. He made his first appearance on Reddit.

Be Like Bill

#3. Bill is Adaptable

Bill’s forte is his adaptability to different cultures. He is called by different names in different parts of the world. No prizes for guessing, in India, we have named him Billu.

Be Like Billu

#4. Bill has raised privacy concerns

With the popularity of Bill, there has been rise of meme generators. It is easier to make your own ‘Be Like Bill‘ meme but there is risk involved. The meme generator rules specify that we are allowing them to use our content/profile information permanently. However, it is said that the statement has been removed now, to keep the fan base alive. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before sharing.

#5. Bill is a passive-aggressive person

The thought behind creation of Bill is that of a passive-aggressive person. Got a problem but don’t want to sound rude? Just be sarcastic. Camouflage it with sweet sentences and ask the world to follow it. This is what Bill does. Be like Bill.


#6. Bill has female counter-part

Meet Emily. She is just as popular Bill on the social network. She is also witty and sarcastic like Bill. Be like Emily!

#7. Origin dates back to 2010

The first of Be Like Bill kind was someone known as Tim. Tim had the same attitude as Bill but unfortunately he never became as popular as Bill.

So google his memes and meet 1st Social Viral of the year who is righteous in his own weird way but at the same time he is funny, smart, sarcastic and witty.

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