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March 10, 2016

Mannat – A Short Story

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“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you” Loretta Young

Love has its own meaning each one of us. For some, it gives them goosebumps while for some, they do things that they have not done before. They become more risk-takers but love is not always about a boy falling in love or a girl falling in love. You could love your family, friends or pets. Our short story is about Mannat.

Mannat is a sensitive yet strong girl. She is unique in her own way. She has a hard time trusting others because of her past – she has been hurt in the past couple of times. But she is optimistic. She believes in love and in its power but does not want to fall in love. She thinks love is complicated and it is not made for her.

One sunny day, she saw a guy in a restaurant. The chap was good looking but there was something about him that made her look at him again and again. Her phone rang and she reached in her bag to answer. It was her mom; calling her to come home soon as some guests were arriving soon. Mannat paid the bill and rushed home. By the time she reached, the guests had already arrived. The guests were her father’s friend and his family. In between them she saw the guy at the restaurant. His name was Anant. They made small conversation and he asked her where the washroom is. As he followed her behind her, Mannat felt something. She could not express it.

Days passed and soon, Mannat and Anant became very good friends. They shared happiness and sorrows with each other. They were each other’s support pillar. But things that are meant to be will always find a way. One evening, Mannat and Anant went out with their friends to party. The music was loud and all of a sudden, Anant grabbed her hand and said, “let’s go outside. Its too noisy in here.” They talked about everything except one thing they didn’t talk about ‘them’. Eyes were speaking ‘how special they are for each other’ but lips were not. She reminded herself that love is not for her and she was not ready for these feelings. She decided to keep her distance.

Anant began to notice the change in her. He kept asking her what bothered her but she kept mum. She always replied nothing. He began to feel uncomfortable and could not take her silence. He took her to a restaurant. It was the same restaurant where Mannat saw Anant for the first time. Before she could speak, Anant started “I can’t take it. Your silence is killing me. I don’t know why I care about you so much. I just don’t know.” She got was taken a back but kept herself in control and said, “Please leave me..Please..I just don’t want to.” He asked her “What?” She said with a tear rolling from her eyes “Fall in love with you.” He was numb. They both were starring into each other eyes. They were about to when he held her hand and said “At that particular table you were sitting when I saw you for the first time. There was something about you; I could not resist myself looking at you. I felt like you were just perfect for me.”

She realized did not want to lose him. She asked him not only to be her best friend but also be her better-half.

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