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September 8, 2017

Eat, Drink and Sheesha – Mama’s Buoi Cafe Lounge

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mama's buoi

Please hold your heart for the future’s ladies’ man is here. Mama’s Buoi Cafe Lounge is no doubt the most chilled out and happening place on Hudson Lane. Delicious delicacies and smell of sheesha owns the air at Mama’s Buoi. Let’s dive deeper and know what makes it so good.


The Café Lounge is located at the end of the Hudson Lane. The nearest Metro Station is GTB Nagar (Yellow Line). You can take a rickshaw or walk thereafter. Mama’s Buoi has both indoor and terrace seating available; both of which are really cozy and comfortable. The roof top is very beautiful and more preferable as the indoor setting is quite similar to other cafes in the area. The place is more suited for a young crowd who intend to spend some quality time with friends. The indoor seating has some interesting posters and wall graffitis that adds a really nice vibe to it but if you cannot bear the smell of hookah, choose sitting on the roof-top. The music choice was peppy and mostly stuck to EDMs. It wasn’t too loud and added fun to our lunch.

Mama's Buoi - outdoor seating


Mama’s Buoi has a very nice staff. They are really efficient and delivers your order to your table asap. The food is presented in a simple yet very attractive way.

Mama's Buoi - indoor seating

Drinks and Sheesha

The place offers some very interesting range of Sheesha at a very decent price; Rs.499 for single flavour and Rs.599 for double. If you are a Sheesha lover then you must visit this place. Coming to the drinks, there are great options for both alcoholics and non-alcoholic. The place serves a range of cocktails and mocktails.

We ordered a Virgin Mojito which did justice to all the qualities of a good Mojito. It cost Rs.169. We also ordered the laughing melon which was a little too sweet but was quite refreshing. I would suggest if you like your drinks a little sweeter than usual, this is your pick. The drink comes for the price of Rs.179

Mama's Buoi - laughing melon

The place also serves Smoothies and our favorite- FREAK SHAKES! We tried the Dirty Double Shake which comes with chocolate chips, brownie, chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch. It truly was the best thing about our meal. The shake was thick, perfectly sweet with every flavour pouring into out mouth. It is a must try available for just Rs.169.

Mama's Buoi - dirty double shake


Mama’s Buoi has a quite lot to offer. With a variety ranging from international salads to Indian curries, this place won’t disappoint you. The menu is about 10 pages long and even though everything will make your mouth water, here are our picks from the menu.

We started our meal with Drums of Heaven. It is fried chicken tossed in schezwan sauce, making it a perfect Indo-Chinese delight. The chicken lollipop tasted just as the name suggests- heavenly. The chicken was juicy and nicely blended in schezwan sauce. They cost Rs.219.

Mama's Buoi - drums of heaven

Putting our Chinese taste buds to rest, we went on to explore our Italian side. We ordered the Mama’s signature pizza with a non-veg topping. The Pizza has a thin crust which was perfectly crisp. It was topped with Goat cheese, Sundried tomatoes, Basil Pesto sauce and Chicken. The pizza was full of cheese and completely melted our hearts. You can eat this for Rs.229.

Mama's Buoi - signature pizza

We also ordered the cheese garlic bread with the pizza. The bread was nicely toasted and had a very nice and apt flavour of garlic but the cheese topping failed to impress us. It wasn’t disastrous but after tasting such a good pizza we probably expected more.

Mama's Buoi - garlic bread

The next thing we ordered was the Pita Pockets. It is a rather healthy option as the bread pockets are filled with a combination of salad and choice of filling – Cottage cheese or chicken. This was blended in a sauce made of Chick peas. The Pita Pocket were nice but just nice. The same could have tasted much better if the pockets weren’t as cold. It costs Rs.229.

Mama's Buoi - Pita Pockets

Moving on to the desert, we ordered Death by chocolate which a lovely combination of chocolate with Vanilla, Butterscotch and Chocolate ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce. It was truly Auuuuhmazing! I was totally in love with it. The cake tasted so good and the dessert was just a perfect finish to the lavish meal.

Mama's Buoi - death by chocolate

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