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January 21, 2017

10 Malgudi Days Stories You Must Watch or Read

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Malgudi Days

Adopted from the collection of short stories by R.K Narayan, the T.V show called Malgudi Days is a must-watch. This critically acclaimed show is about the lives of the inhabitants of the fictional village called Malgudi in India.

Even if you’re not able to read or watch every episode, these 10 episodes are a must watch if you decide to treat yourself to the magic of Malgudi days.

#10  Mandirka Buddha

This is one of the best Malgudi Days episodes and it is about a man who loves to talk and who is always the storyteller in the group. He recites a story about a local driver’s madness where the driver is possessed by the spirit of an old man. Like most of his stories, the talkative man’s narration about the driver is convincing too.Malgudi Days - Mandirka Buddha

9 The Cat within

This is a story about a shopkeeper who sleeps across his shop every night. As an added measure against thieves he had also set up empty cans on the floor of the shop as some sort of a primitive alarm system. When one night his alarm keeps ringing with no possible signs of human intrusion, everyone starts believing that an evil spirit has entered the shop and an exorcist claims that the shopkeeper must confess all his sins to get rid of the spirit. The beautiful narration of the story makes it a stud among the short stories by R.K. Narayan.

Malgudi Days - The Cat Within

#8 Iswaran

Certainly not the happiest of the Malgudi days’ stories but Iswaran is an important depiction of how the pressure of academics can be unbelievably destructive. It is a story of a boy who believed in the saying: “It’s my life and I’m going to live it my way” but in India you can’t always do that and he finally succumbs to the problems of an average Indian student.

Malgudi Days - Iswaran

#7 The trail of the green blazer

This spectacular episode of Malgudi Days TV series is a tale about a pick-pocketer named Raju who is an absolute professional at his work. But one day after tailing a man with a green blazer and finally getting his purse Raju sees that the man had just bought a balloon for his motherless child. Being a father himself he becomes emotional for the child and in an attempt to return the purse gets caught and Raju learns the hard way that remorse doesn’t cancel out our wrong deeds.Malgudi Days - The trail of the green blazer

#6 The Engine Trouble

Sometimes a lucky draw can prove very unlucky and this is what happened at a fair in Malgudi to a man who won a road-roller in a lottery. Now the responsibility of taking the roller from the Gymkhan grounds to his home in Malgudi becomes a burden for him and ends being a very expensive ordeal for him. The humour conveyed all along the story makes it one of the best Malgudi Days stories.

Malgudi Days - The Engine Trouble

#5 The Man-eater of Malgudi

Though the story isn’t about a man-eating beast it does cover the antics of someone whose motive is to make the lives of some people and even animals troublesome. When a simple man called Nataraj has to encounter the evil taxidermist Vasu a thriller unfolds where Nataraj must strive to get rid of Vasu and also save the life of the temple elephant.

Malgudi Days -The Man-eater of Malgudi

#4  Annamalai

Based on a real-life character, the show from Malgudi days, Annamalai is about R.K Narayan’s servant and companion of 15 years. The story begins  with the arrival of a letter from Annamalai the character who symbolizes the servant. As the narrator reads the letter he recounts the memories he had made with Annamalai when he was first a hired worker, then a gardener and then decided to stay on as a full-time servant. Annamalai is a beautiful depiction of bonds between people.Malgudi Days - Annamalai

#3 Swamy and friends

There are eight episodes dedicated to the adventures of Swami and friends Somu, Shankar, Samuel, Mani, and Rajam. Each episode has a different story – each contain some story about Swami and the people in his life including his energetic grandmother. The English influence of pre-independence times is very clear in the episodes relating to Swami and friends. Many of these episodes follow the lives of the children as they struggle and enjoy the challenges of school life at Albert Mission School.Malgudi Days - Swamy and friends

#2 The Vendor of Sweets

Eight episodes of the Malgudi Days TV series are dedicated to the constant battles between the father Jagan and his son Mali. Jagan is purist Gandhian and a former activist in the Satyagraha movement. Therefore it is no surprise when his son Mali goes to America to pursue his dreams of becoming a writer and comes back home with an American wife, Jagan feels betrayed.Malgudi Days - The Vendor of Sweets

#1 The missing mail

One of the best stories of Malgudi days is the missing mail. This is the story of perhaps the most helpful man in Malgudi, Thanappa the postman. He involves himself very deeply in the lives of the people he delivered letters to. The story of this episode is about how he helps Ramanujam’s daughter get the perfect groom. The story seems too simple but the presentation and Thanappa’s character makes this one worth remembering.Malgudi Days - The missing mail

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