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November 17, 2016

Maggie Doyne – Mother of 40 Kids

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Maggie Doyne

Sad but true, most of us love the luxuries of life and in thoughts want to work towards the betterment of the society. We feel sad when a tsunami wipes of a village and an earthquake destroys national monuments, but the sadness only stays only for few hours. In this busy life, we have no time for ourselves; forget thinking about others. Think about it and be true to yourself. When was the last time when you helped someone? When was the last time you put someone else before yourself?

There are few individuals who think of others before themselves. One such girl is Maggie Doyne. Maggie is 28 years old and is 2015 CNN Hero of the Year. She grew up in New Jersey. In 2005, she took a gap year and came a volunteer in Nepal and since has not looked back. She has built a school, orphanage and women’s center in Kopila Valley. Maggie has guardianship of about 40+ kids and her school has more than 350 students.

Watch CNN video to meet Maggie’s orphanage’s youngest infant, Ravi, who came to her when he was only few days and weighed only 4 pounds.

Get involved and help Maggie by supporting her. Click here to donate.

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