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August 26, 2015

Maggi Is Back With 2 New Videos And It Only Makes Matters Worse

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Meri Maggi

Yes, our favourite Maggi is back with two new adverts and it’s only making things worse. Why? Because back when we were annoying kids, I don’t know about you, but I used to be a very naughty child. Playing with toys, breaking them, and asking daddy to buy me another one was almost a daily affair. All that drama, until one day Ma decided to hide my favourite toy. I was absolutely livid; I shouted, howled, and cried but nothing worked. Days passed but I didn’t forget that particular toy, and asked her about it every single day. Only to hear that she had lost it.

I was just beginning to cope with the loss when my cousin brother found my toy in the loft. He showed it to me, laughed because I couldn’t reach it (I was short), and put it back.

There were two things I learnt that day. One, your cousin brother can be your worst enemy. And two, never tease someone with something they love.

Maggi’s is a similar case, you know? We still don’t know what we did wrong. All we know is that we missed it every single day, and now, when I see these two Meri Maggi commercials, it only makes things worse. Because we want it more than ever now!

Oh #WeMissYouToo so dearly, when shalt thou return? Because I can’t wait to dig in.

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