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August 19, 2016

How long your beauty and makeup products last?

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Surely, you buy beauty and makeup products every other month. And want to make it last longer because you don’t want to burn pocket in your pants. But, you might not know, there is a certain shelf life of products. An expiry date is given but you should be well aware of the shelf life of your beauty and makeup products so that you don’t suffer any skin issue.

#1 Mascara

Usually, the same mascara remains in your kit for a year. But you should throw it right away. Mascara doesn’t last longer than a couple of months. They tend to develop bacteria and become hard and clumpy as well. You don’t want to develop an infection, right?


#2 Body lotion

Body lotions last for two-three years. You might use it up before expiry, but there are chances that it remains on your shelf for longer. Throw it away after 2 years.

body lotion

#3 Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation usually lasts long for only six months. Yes, you heard that right. The oil in foundation rises up and the consistency thickens. That might cause breakouts on your face.

liquid foundation

#4 Lipstick and Lipliner

They last for only two years. The long-wearing formula evaporates because of some ingredients present in it, so they don’t give the creamy texture anymore.


#5 Nail polish

Nail polish lasts for one-two years. When they become gooey or sticky, it’s time to throw them away.

nail polish

#6 Fragrance or Perfumes

Fragrances or perfumes last for two years and even more. When the perfume starts to smell different or foul, discard it. You should keep them off sunlight and in a cool and dry place. It will help them last longer.


#7 Sunscreen

Sunscreen lasts only for one year. As soon as the bottle or tube is open, it starts to evaporate, so the formula becomes unsteady. After one year, it will also not protect you from UV rays at all.


#8 Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners last for about three months and pencil eyeliner for two years. While, just like mascara, liquid eyeliner gets infested by bacteria too. But the pencil ones are sharpened regularly so they are less likely to get infected.


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