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March 24, 2017

Re-Live the Most Famous Hollywood Locations

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Famous Hollywood Locations: batman India

Do you insanely love Hollywood movies that you are awake all night on a movie marathon? Are you crazy enough to finish all seasons of your favorite TV show? Congratulation! You are a movie maniac like me who tends to do anything to fuel for our love for films. And for movie lovers like us, imagine how it will feel when we actually step onto the place where Hollywood movies were filmed. We bring 5 such famous Hollywood locations where Hollywood movies were filmed!

#1 Marvel’s Daredevil

Get a cocktail from the New York’s bar, Turkey’s Nest where Marvel’s Daredevil had beaten up a gang of bad guys or visit Josie’s bar, where shooting of Netflix’s Daredevil took place. In fact, some of the beginning episodes of Netflix’s Daredevil were filmed in New York. For example: the dogs of hell gang’s headquarters was actually East River Bar in Brooklyn, New York.

Not only Marvel’s Daredevil but New York is one of the most famous Hollywood locations.

Famous Hollywood Locations : Marvels Daredevil

Famous Hollywood Locations:TurkeysNest

Famous Hollywood Locations: Daredevil NY

#2 Sherlock

Elementary, dear Watson! Do you remember this quote? If you are on a mission to explore the popular locations visited by Sherlock then you must as add St Mary Magdalene Church to your bucket list.

Famous Hollywood Locations: mary magdalene church

#3 Harry Potter Series

Who doesn’t want to be a student at Hogwarts? It is one of the most popular fictional schools where most of us want lead a student life. And if you thought, the school was a set then you are wrong! The Harry Potter series movie shooting took place at Gloucester cathedral in Gloucestershire, England.

Famous Hollywood Locations: Gloucester Cathedral

Hogwarts’ stone staircases were actually filmed at Christ church and college of Oxford.  These locations were used in first two parts of harry potter.

Famous Hollywood Locations: Hogwarts as Gloucester

The school was not filmed at one location but used multiple locations across England. For example, Durham Cathedral as quadrangle and Alnwick castle for flying classes. Now we are sure, your itinerary for England is ready 😉

Famous Hollywood Locations: Alnwick

#4 Star Trek

One of the most loved science fiction television series was made into a movie. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles was used for this Hollywood movie shooting.

Famous Hollywood Locations: Star Trek Paul Getty museum

#5  Batman

Batman series has been shot across the globe and any country you visit will be associated with Batman.

Remember the scene where Batman saves Rachel from Scare Crow? Well the scene was filmed at St. Pancras  Renaissance hotel in London. The hotel has become immensely popular after Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. Definitely, London is one of the famous Hollywood locations to relive your Hollywood fantasy.

Famous Hollywood Locations: batman renaissance hotel

Famous Hollywood Locations: Renaissance Hotel Batman

The film has even been shot in India! This particular scene was filmed at Mehrengarh fort in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. And if you are still wondering, then let me remind you. The popular fort was scene in the background when when Bruce Wayne escape from Bane’s prison in third part of the batman series, The Dark Knight Rises.

Famous Hollywood Locations: Batman In India

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