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June 24, 2016

‘LEMONADE’ Review: ‘Nuff Said!

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All eyes were on Beyoncé in the Met Gala as she slayed the Red Carpet in her Givenchy dress. That dress was a trending topic within seconds of its capture by the cameras; not only because it was the Queen totally owning the look, but also because the dress was a symbol. It made a sly reference to her bold bass-filled work anthem for women- Formation– and that gave us goosebumps.

Yes folks! Beyoncé has sent electric shockwaves throughout the music industry yet again as her self-empowered visual album LEMONADE streamed on HBO, a couple of months back. The music is bliss to the ears and a potential true love waiting to be played!

Lemonade is inspired by a quote said by Jay-Z’s (her husband) grandmother; which is also featured in one of the tracks –

“I had my ups and downs, but I always found the inner strength to pull myself up. I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.”- Hattie White

From the first track to the last, the Diva is constantly talking “serious binezz”. Oh yes, she’s hurling out threats at her cheating man, reminding him that her daddy made her a soldier who knows her ways with a gun, reluctantly still loves her cheating man and ultimately ends the show with a powerful “Run the world”-inspired track. It sounds like she’s serving up a little more than just “lemonade”.

All the cheating rumors surrounding Jay-Z is something that none of us want to be believe! They’re the golden couple in the music industry and we love seeing them rule the realm together with their music. And Beyoncé probably doesn’t want to believe it either. Even if she does, she wants her husband, and the world, to know that she’s got it all under control! She’s got the power! The power to convey a processed message through her music! And she has owned cloud 9 with LEMONADE!

The Track-list 

#1 ‘Pray You Catch Me’

In this dreamy ballad, Queen B gets straight to the point without wasting much time or sheet music- “You can taste the dishonesty ,It’s all over your breath as you pass it off so cavalier”. Oh it’s so heart-wrenching when you think about how it could all be true but, the vibe given off by her voice as she sings it lets us know her superb level of control! Good on you B!

#2 ‘Hold Up’

“Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you”

Man here she goes again! Now she’s trying to make her man jealous and tempt him. This island-vibe, slow funk track with her strong vocal riffs reminds us why Beyoncé is who we all know she is – a QUEEN! And to put the cherry on top, she adds her finishing touches to the song- the chorus from Soulja Boy’s infamous song- “Turn my swag on”. Nailed it. Don’t know about Jay-Z, but for some reason, I’m jealous and lured!

#3 ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ (ft. Jack White)

Beyoncé has enchanted us with her rhythmic hip-hop soul tracks for years now. But now, she wants more. ROCK! She has had some really famous artists feature in her songs in the past but Jack White….a true surprise. Just let the interesting mixture of guitar riffs, Beyoncé’s distorted voice and the taunting lyrics take you to another world. All said and done, she would rock as the vocalist of a band! Hands down!

#4 ‘Sorry’

This is yet another pitiless and deceiving track! “Sorry….I ain’t sorry” This song is the epitome of dissing. Want to make someone feel good and then extremely bad coz they deserve it? Well…there you go. Sorry…but not sorry. Hmph!

#5 ‘6 Inch’ (ft. The Weeknd)

This is the one bone-chillingly seductive song of the album. The ostensible lyrics celebrate what we usually call sexual innuendos, in a glorified manner. Beyoncé experiments with her vocal range…hitting a haunting low pitch as she does. And to top it off, there’s The Weeknd contributing his hypnotic voodoo. Its ok B. We’re scooped.

#6 ‘Daddy’s Lessons’

A refreshing country track; Beyoncé explores her Texas roots in this up-beat threat song. She lets her man know that she’s no ordinary woman who’ll sit in the bleachers and watch him do what he does. Her dad made her a soldier with a gun and heck load of guts and love. But at the end of the day… she’s “Daddy’s little girl”!

#7 ‘Love Drought’

“Ten times out of nine, I know you’re lying

But nine times outta ten, I know you’re trying”

Oh Bey! She can be brutal alright but with this track she has proved that she’s not ready to give up on the people she loves. A down-tempo, slow, sexy bass-track, this song is the ice-breaker. A change from the previous powerful tone! We want to hear more of this! We shall merely wait and listen.

#8 ‘Sandcastles’

Well, worth the wait. “Sandcastles” is Beyoncé’s powerhouse- a slow, meaningful ballad. It takes us back to the “If I were a boy” days! It’s a mature set of lyrics as, through the song, Beyoncé wants to rekindle with her lost love- forgive and forget-rather than heading down the path of separation and revenge. After all, the only things that our human hearts are made of are the acts of forgiveness and love. She gets it! We get it! Peace is restored in the realms!

#9 ‘Forward’ (ft. James Blake)

Forward is the mini game-changer in this album. James Blake comes in with his high reverbs and helps Beyoncé put her best foot forward and fight! That’s right! Our Queen has decided to fight for her love and for herself instead of giving up. Wow. This is turning out to be quite the denouement!

#10 ‘Freedom’ (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

A robust African-music inspired song, Freedom SETS YOU FREE! Finally, after the whole array of plots and twists and a smooth falling action, Beyoncé adds a tone of finality to her third last track. A husky beat combined with Beyoncé’s raw voice, Kendrick Lamar’s burly rap and soulful instrumentation all do justice to the dynamic lyrics. “Singing, freedom! Freedom! Where are you? Cause I need freedom too!” Don’t we all?!

#11 ‘All Night’

Beyoncé is A-Okay now!

“Found the truth beneath your lies

And true love never has to hide”

That’s right folks. She has made her peace with her one true love and is ready to get back to loving him all day and all night! Bet Jay-Z is pumped but we have got to hand it to her- she has a heart o’ gold. This track drags the human senses out like a chainsaw and puts it in the right place- a happy ending.

#12 ‘Formation’

The final song in the album, Formation is the perfect “moral of the story” song that has been waiting to happen. This powerful anthem started an electrifying revolution when it was dropped as a single. The revolution continues at the beginning of the end. Sealed and set. A flawless album waiting to reach our ears. Ladies, let’s get in formation!

The album came out a couple months back and has already encompassed the entire musical universe. The tracks from LEMONADE have set a record. All the tracks appeared in the Top Singles Chart on Billboard; a record previously held by Taylor Swift.  It’s looking good for Beyoncé so far and it is only going to get better! We love Beyoncé for the experience she delivers to us with every other musical project. But hey, let’s not forget, this is Queen Bee we’re talking about. It ain’t ever the end- it’s a whole new beginning!

Oh well, this in-depth analysis has rendered me parched. Plus this summer heat is a killer. I think I’ll make myself a refreshing glass of lemonade! 😉 Want one?

Featured Image Source: www.hiphop-n-more.com

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