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March 8, 2018

5 Least Visited Countries in the World

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least visited countries in the world

It’s that time of the year again where everyone in your family is probably planning for the most awaited summer vacation pictures to be uploaded and the check-ins on social media. Being a travel lover, the most visited destinations for summer have joined their queue into the cliches as increasing their tourists economy. I would rather suggest you, to visit these amazing nations in the world least known for its tourists’ attention but would promise you a peaceful and breathtaking experience once visited. These countries are not only to be seen but are to be understood for its beauty, culture and the people living and painting its growth. Here are top 5 Least visited countries in the world that must be visited for their ultimate beauty.

#1 Montserrat

The lesser-known Emerald Isle of the Caribbean is one of the islands in the oceans under British territory. The beautiful islands are not only a showcase for its breaking eruptions but also its spectacular scenic points and wildlife beauties.

Montserrat should definitely be on the bucket list of the exotic wildlife photographers and travelers seeking for ultimate peace because nothing else would soothe their will to travel apart from the soft breezy beaches at these islands. The islands being on a developing side owns one radio station playing various new and old songs and having an internet connection for its overseas relatives. Having over 9000 visitors, Montserrat comprises of wonderful scenic points with the bays at the northern ends and hills to southern with civilizations. This island is a must visit spot for all peace seekers  and comprises the list of Least visited countries in the world.

#2 Moldova

“Sip, swirl, swallow!” If not anyone else, wine lovers must visit this beautiful country. For it being a lesser-known family in the European territory, Moldova is a country which flaunts its production of wine for commercial purpose. A lot of families in the country have their own wine recipes made and preserved by them just for it to taste better as it gets older. Apart from its wines, Moldova also homes beautiful architectural structures like any other countries in Europe. The locals believe in their historical landscapes and natural beauties and behold the charm to the tourists along with its spirit to live as one. The country spent three whole years without a leader and president-ship. Moldova couldn’t be a better option for travelers wanting to engage in cold, and dewy weathers with dreamy scenic beauties. If any of this doesn’t convince you, 1 Moldavian Leu is 3.92 Indian rupee. It’s that cheap! It is one of the least visited European countries.

#3 Kiribati

One of the Least visited countries in the world, Kiribati has White sand, lagoons, coral reefs, coconut trees and lots of breezy surrounding. Next time you plan for such destinations, drop down the most visited countries on the planet and take a look at this beauty with better pros to find. Kiribati, a less visited country in the Pacific ocean is an island of ice clear waters and crystal churned sands. The country is respectively divided into three islands namely, Gilbert, Phoenix and Line islands; which should be visited for its highly preserved coral reefs. The country comprises of a cultural and artistic history which should be inhaled than just mesmerizing it.

#4 Turkmenistan

Another lesser known country in the heart of Asia is Turkmenistan with its one hand floating in the Caspian Sea and the other sunbathing in the Karakum Desert. One should only visit Turkmenistan on its own knowledge and interests as the Government of the country is quite rigid and the tourist guidance may cost an extra buck to have just a normal glance through the nooks and corners of the country. However, a place that should definitely be visited in the country is ‘Avaza’ a place exclusively developed for tourists as ‘national tourists zone’ with over 50 world class hotels, places to go for shopping and a new international airport. Not only this, you may also visit at Kow Ata underground sulfur lake, to replenish your body with rich minerals and medicinal qualities.

#5 Tuvalu

Tuvalu is another beautiful island that should be visited on this planet which probably isn’t on your list.  A destination for sightseeing and the picture perfect frame of sea blue waters and white sand beaches. An island without the shadows of tall hills, mountain ranges, the sound of rivers and the architectural history echoing midst the visit but for a lover of just water and palm tree shades this destination will pay off your visit. Tuvalu, along with its aquatic beauty will give you an experience of its culture and warm-hearted people painting it over the years. And, anything you would want to take back from Tuvalu apart from its scenic experiences, keep your eyes on the handmade wooden stuff, fans and ornaments.

I believe your plans for summer 2018 must have changed. So ditch those highly visited countries in the world and go for these least known countries and awestruck your friends with their beauty and charm!

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