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August 27, 2017

Learn the Early Signs of Autism and Keep Yourself Aware

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We are staying in a world where we’re surrounded by a number of disorders about which we might not have even heard of. With each passing day, these disorders are becoming more common. Previously they were found in only 1 out of 30 people, but now it is seen that 5 out of 30 people are suffering from these disorders. One among them is Autism. Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder which is characterized by impaired social interactions, eye contact, verbal and nonverbal communication, creating their own circle and staying within it.

Many of us still being unaware of autism and consider the people with autism to be mentally retarded when it is not the case. They are just like any other normal people. With proper care and treatment, they are good to go and work with us. No specific medicine for autism has been found till date. There are special therapies meant for autistic people which if given to them at proper intervals they are able to come out of their social awkwardness and many other problems being faced by them. But to have a proper cure for autism it is necessary to know the symptoms and the best way is if the therapy is started at an early age. Here are a few early signs of autism which you will notice in someone having autism:

#1 Doesn’t respond to their own name

Generally, after certain age children start responding when someone calls them by name. At least they tend to look at the person who calls them or even gives a smile at times. It has been found that children diagnosed with autism don’t respond when they are called.

#2 Doesn’t engage joint attention

Joint attention is an early sign of development of language skills. For example, children generally tend to look at a bird in the sky and then to your and again to the bird, this is a clear sign that the child wants to ask his or her mother if she has seen the same bird as him or her. Autistic kids keep on looking at a fixed thing without even having the sense if someone is looking at them or what they are watching.

#3 Lack of imitation of behavior

We all know kids have a habit of imitating their elders from a very early age. Be it laughing, crying, coughing or anything. If your kid lacks this quality it’s better to be aware of. Even if you are trying to make them imitate your behavior and they are not doing so, it’s a sign of autism.


#4 Doesn’t engage in pretend play

Children of 2-3 years of age generally are involved in pretend plays like acting the mother of a Barbie doll. Children with autism hardly respond to such plays, they are more involved in playing with sticks, spinning toys, round objects and such things.

#5 Being rigid

Rigidness is something which is hardly seen in kids. If you see that your kid is becoming too rigid with certain things, like listening to the same music over and over again, getting stuck to a particular toy, doing a particular activity in the same way without any change and spinning, it’s time then you should consult a doctor and start diagnose because this is an early sign of autism.


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