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April 1, 2017

Korean Face Mask Sheets: Beauty Rescue At Home

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korean face mask sheets

Every woman desires a skin that fetches her thousands of lovely compliments. But because of pollution everywhere we all are loosing our natural glow.  In today’s hustle-bustle of life, we don’t even get time to step into salon every month to pamper ourselves. So Korean brands have come up to our rescue with an innovation in the beauty: KOREAN FACE MASK SHEETS. You must have definitely heard about sheet masks as they are quite trending on the internet these days especially after their launch on Nykaa last week. This article will tell you all you need to know about unique and beauty saviour sheet masks.

Korean Face Mask Sheets can be used easily. They are generally used and throw which can be easily carried even in your bag. They are very effective as the ingredients get absorbed deep into our skin due to the thin material of the sheet. Sheet masks come in different varieties and for different purposes like skin brightening, skin hydration, skin firming, wrinkle care, nourishment, radiance, revitalising, pore care, skin purifying and loads more. The sheet mask is a blessing from Korea to all the ladies out there. As we all know Korean women are known for their healthy skin and beauty we are blessed to have one such product at our rescue from Korea itself.

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Korean face mask sheets are mini facials that you can use at your home to get the spa-like treat at home itself. They provide an instant glow to our face making it bright and radiant. They are perfect to be used before going to parties, weddings and whenever you want to pamper your skin without investing much money.

korean face mask sheets

Pic Credit-http://couturechild.blogspot.in

How to apply?

Wash your face and apply the mask. They are designed as per the usual face shape, however, different face differs in shapes and sizes so you need to adjust these face masks according to your eye and mouth area. Leave the mask for 10-15 minutes and then just peel it off! The richness of minerals, vitamins, serum, nutrients that get absorbed by the skin makes the skin clean and gives an instant glow.

For best results: use the mask sheets 3-4 times in a week.

Korean face Mask Sheets-sheetmask application

Pic Credit-https://www.enrichingurskin.com

Where to buy Korean Face Masks?

Confused about where to buy korean face masks? Don’t worry. You can buy them at all leading beauty stores like Sephora and Nykaa has just launched them (so now you don’t need to go anywhere). We suggest you checkout the Innisfree mask sheet. They are budget-friendly and available at all major beautycare sites!

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