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September 18, 2016

Know what your favorite color says about your personality?

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Every person has a favourite colour. If not, try to think which colour attracts you the most before reading this article any further. Certainly, colours are more than just your favourite. Colour psychology let you study about your personality traits according to the colour which you prefer.


If you adore white colour, then you are a peaceful person who is simple and independent. You can count yourself in the innocent ones.


Black lovers are strong-willed and love being in power. Sometimes, you can be demanding and can be a dictator. You are counted in sophisticated people. You sometimes can be moody as well.


You are another name of happiness. You love making people happy and cheerful. You are intelligent and a happy idealist. You can sometimes be underestimated.


Blue as the colour looks cool and calm. You too are cool, calm and deep. You are a reliable person and you always appear strong and confident. People who love blue are said to be easy to get along and lovable.


You are bold, sexually attractive and full of energy. You live your life to the fullest and you absolutely love being the centre of attention. You don’t miss any chance of shining in public. You are a passionate and adventurous person.


Green is the colour of nature but you absolutely crave for finance and securities. You are a person of stability and you are well-balanced. You can easily draw other people towards you without even trying. You are a kind person with great generosity.


If you totally adore pink then you are still child-like from heart. You are very loving, soft and warm. You are a romantic person and are a charm. You always believe in giving more than receiving.


Orange lovers, you are friendly people. You are easy going and you love socialising with everyone.


You are simple and comfortable to be with. You make a great partner. You are very humble and modest. You are hard-working and collected. People love being with you because of your sweet side.


Purple is the colour of royalty. You are said to be a unique and artistic person. You somewhat love analysing every detail of what comes in your path. You can be a great tarot-card reader because of your interest in spirituality and deeper meanings of life. You are intuitive and visionary.

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