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September 3, 2016

Know Your BRAND! Here Are 9 Lesser Known Facts

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Facts about Brands

In an age of capitalism we are ruled by mostly multinational corporate disguised in the form of some famous and lucrative brands. Who amongst us are does not like to go for a branded product, be it a Dianna Kor bag or a Levi’s jean. We even like to go to some popular places for dinning. Taking a closure look we are surrounded by brands and their products all over. Most of us take a great pride when we are using any branded product. But there are some facts about these famous brands which are unknown of:

#1 Levi’s

Levi’s jeans are very popular amongst all of us. Keeping the quality in mind most of us think that the product is worth purchasing. But the Levi Strauss the founder of Levi’s jeans never wore his own jeans because according to him it was meant for labour class.

#2 Pepe Jeans

The Pepe Jeans was started by 3 Indian brothers, Arun, Nitin and Milan Shah in London as a weekend roadside stall. They were the ones to make this brand as one of the finest clothing brand of Europe.

#3 Tommy Hilfiger

It’s surprising but true – Tommy Hilfiger the owner of this famous brand never went to a fashion school.

#4 Sephora

The name Sephora is a combination of two greek words. Sephos meaning beauty and Zipporah meaning the exceptionally beautiful wife of Moses as mentioned in the book of Exodus.

#5 BMW

BMW was originally the manufacturer of aircrafts. After Germany’s defeat in World War 1, all aircraft companies have to cease their production. The company facing a severe bankruptcy shifted to the production of motorcycles and later to car manufacturing.

#6 Coca – Cola

Originally created by John Pemberton as a substitute for his morphine addiction. He used to call it French Wine Coca, a nerve tonic. After Atlanta passed the prohibition in 1886 Pemberton has to redo the formula and make it a non alcoholic version of his tonic. He named the drink Coca – Cola.

#7 McDonalds

Who is not acquainted with the logo of McDonalds, ‘M’ sign? But the fact is that the original stores architecture were designed in the shape of golden yellow arches so that people was locate the McDonalds store from a distance. While making the logo designers thought of taking inspiration from the store.

#8 United Parcel Service

UPS or United Parcel Service is the largest world’s largest package delivery company. Though it has a very humble beginning. It was started by two kids with a cycle and $100. The kid later became the CEO of the company.

#9 Fanta

A sip of Fanta refreshes us in the hot summer. But do you know that Fanta was originally created in Nazi Germany with the idea of the head of Coca – Cola. With all the remaining left overs they decided to make a drink for the German market and that’s how they started with Fanta originally named as ‘Fantasie’ a German word for imagination.

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