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February 17, 2016

Ki and Ka Official Trailer and Release Date Announced

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Ki and Ka

This year will be a rocking year for Bollywood and I am equally excited. The movie that has got me excited is R. Balki’s Ki and Ka. An unusual subject with unusual cast. The film’s main leads are Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan. The story is about a man who wants to be a housewife and a woman who wants to be a successful CEO. Nothing wrong, right? Well, the man and does not mind if his wife runs the house and he is more than happy to look after the house. The story is revolutionary, will certainly raise eyebrows but if executed well, then can give a powerful message.

Our society has definitely advanced over the years but sexism is still there. While we vehemently deny we are sexist, there is part of us that is sexist. For example, we all pray for a partner who is handsome, earns well and has a secure job. The role of men and women are defined in our society. And we don’t like changes. A slight change in the role and questions are raised. The individual becomes subject of ridicule. Why is it that we believe that only women could look after children? Or why is it required that men should run the household? &TV airs an extremely popular show Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hain where the husband does the cooking and wife runs a business. The sub-plot of the show is to make fun of the guy because he is unemployed. In the past, there have been shows on television that tried to portray women as strong and independent individual but have failed miserably. The only serials that have done well are Swabhimaan, Hasratein and Shanti. Which makes me question is our society regressing? It is good to see a movie that breaks the norm but I just hope the subject line is handled tactfully.

Coming back to trailer, it starts with Arjun Kapoor speaking with someone. The scene will take you back to 2 States but don’t just close your window yet. Watch the full trailer to see Arjun Kapoor explaining why it is OK for men to stay at home and women to run household. Role reversal does not mean that man becomes woman and woman becomes man. The movie certainly has some witty punchlines and not so discreet taunts. The ka is constantly questioned by friends and family (by his own father).

The Intern is an excellent movie that explores this relationship. Anne Hathaway runs a successful start-up and her husband quit his job to look after the child and house. Anne is constantly nagged by her child’s friend’s mothers. Her husband does question his decision but later realizes there is nothing wrong with her earning and him looking after the kid. This movie is thought provoking and will definitely make us question.

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