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May 26, 2016

11 Key Health Benefits of Salsa

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benefits of salsa

Dance is something we all love to do whether it is the random moves at a wedding or it is something that we are trained under. Salsa, one of the most famous dance forms in the world, traces back to the mid-1970’s in New York. It is popular for its spicy and hot connotations as it shares the same name as the spicy Latin sauce. But what we all don’t know is that even though it is considered as a romantic form of dance, there are various health benefits of salsa. That’s why today we are up the benefits of salsa dancing.

#1 Exercising Of Muscles

While performing salsa our core muscle groups are exercised the most. The calves, hamstrings and the core in the lower part of our body receive the maximum benefit and stretching because of the constant movement. The upper body receives a good share of workout too.

health benefits of salsa- muscle joints


#2 Body Balance

Balancing yourself in one position is like a cakewalk but when you have to balance yourself in different positions and types while dancing salsa, it is not a cakewalk. Salsa helps us master the art of balancing in multiple positions with the help of steps and progressions. This not only strengthen our muscles but also help keep our core safe and reduces the chance of injury. In long run, salsa dancing also strengthens our reflexes.

health benefits of salsa- balancing


#3 Weight Loss

How can we forget the most basic benefit that any form of dance is to offer is a weight loss. Dance is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and what’s better than Salsa. Salsa helps our body to exercise well thus leading to an increase in the amount of blood circulation. Being an intense dance form it helps to burn calories close to 5-10 calories per minute. Apart from burning calories it also helps to increase our stamina.

health benefits of salsa- weight loss


#4 Bone And Joint Health

Salsa being an intense dance workout, it involves a lot of movements. These movements help keep our joints and bones fit as well as prevent diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis. Salsa is a great exercise for post-menopause women since during the period, the estrogen levels are low and makes it difficult for bones to absorb calcium.

health benefits of salsa- bone and joint health


#5 Better Memory

We always associate dance being a physical activity but it is a mental activity too. While you may not have thought of this earlier but dancing requires you to remember steps and sequence. This memory exercise on regular basis keeps our brain sharp and healthy.

health benefits of salsa- better memory


#6 Makes You Look Young

One of the positive effects of dancing is that it reverses the ageing process. So instead of investing in an expensive anti-ageing cream, we suggest joining dance classes.

benefits of salsa-look young


#7 Lowers cholesterol

Dancing is an excellent form of exercise for diabetic and cholesterol patients. It helps lipid control which increases good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol.

benefits of salsa-lowers cholesterol


#8 Add sparkle To Your Relationship

If you feel that something is missing in your relationship. Dancing is a solution but specifically salsa is your solution. Salsa will help you improve communication skills with your partner.

benefits of salsa-add sparkle


#9 Self- Confidence

Do you want to boost confidence? Salsa classes can help build confidence. It will help you express better and will also strengthen your social skills.

benefits of salsa-self confidence


These are just few benefits of Salsa. Salsa dancing in particular can also improve our emotional health. Instead of spending hours in gym or doing boring exercises, try salsa or any other type of dancing and you will notice the positivity it will bring to your life.

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