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August 21, 2016

Keep Calm and ‘CARRIE’ On

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Being the lead character in the HBO romantic sitcom Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw gave to her spectators much more than just sexy looks and amazing dress sense. Playing the role of a modern western woman with high ambitions and passion for writing, Carrie ‘carried’ us all with her great sense of wisdom, humor and knack for life. Truly an inspiration for all women, Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie nailed it with her thought-provoking quotes.

Here’s a list of her 8 amazing quotes from Sex and the City. Have a read:

#1 Breaking the stereotype of a ‘perfect woman’, Carrie brought with herself a freshness of character and freedom of choice. Something we all desire for, don’t we?

#2 Setting high friendship goals, Carrie unfurled the greatness of friendship and the warmth of the kindness of friends.

#3 Bradshaw renewed the concept of a woman and showed the world some special woman who can conquer everything that comes their way.

#4 Adored for the greatest fashion sense, Carrie’s quotes are definitely to go for if you wanna probe deeper into the mystic world of style.

#5 She taught us that your greatest priority must be you, yourself because that’s whom you will have the longest relationship with. Wise, isn’t she?

#6 She runs around New York City like a crazy, trying to get one man whom she loves, fall in love with herself. A complete lover by heart, Carrie definitely gave love a greater and much more huge dimension.

#7 Being single is sneered at. It’s traumatizing. But Carrie Bradshaw broke all these stereotyping and proved to the world that being single is a matter of strength, choice and personality upliftment. She told us something not many can.

#8 And finally, she beautifully lays across what’s all life is about and how it must be lived. Carefree and without any regrets.

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