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September 4, 2016

KALACHAKRA: Finding The Way

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Kalachakra: To lead a life, with an inspiring thought, no worries and a sense of peace and serenity. That’s the dream, ain’t it? :)

Tibetan tradition has always delivered a sacred inspiration to life, that life is more than just the materialistic illusions; life is a deep process that needs purification of possessions.

Reading certain books on Buddhist teachings and the Tibetan culture influenced my thoughts to various propositions. Inspiration of a level to get an insight into the various stages in life of profound happiness to unwanted sadness. But I am just a beginner, Life has so much to teach and Buddhist culture teaches life. The sacred traditions come straight from the heart of Tibetan culture. I was just lucky to come across this ceremony at Leh town in the beautiful state Jammu and Kashmir. With lakhs of devotees and tourists participating, it turned on my urge to apprehend and perceive more about it.

It is an extremely marvelous but convoluted Buddhist tradition that was taken from India to Tibet, “Kalachakra” the ‘Wheel of Time’ is the advanced learning system in Buddhism that captures the traditions of life. Nowadays, this practice has habituated itself in the Western world, with masses getting familiarized to this leading-edge ceremony.
Kalachakra signifies the highest form of learning of Tantra. The word ‘Chakra’ has a resonance to the phrase “Cycle’’, the cycle of Time, Time which is defined as measurement of change. The Kalachakra system is the prominent of all Buddhist traditions and the stages of the whole system are inordinately complicated and needs a lot of perseverance and often provide a humbling experience to perception of life. It leads us to the path of enlightenment and work on the energies within our body.
The practices and teachings of Kalachakra were ardently followed by some natives of Tibet but they achieved special consideration in the 15th century, till the late 20th century Kalachakra remarkably influenced modish Tibetan schools and institutes. It became the lifeline of Buddhist traditions and has achieved prominence in Western countries as well.


The Kalachakra system contributes to three time cycles: External, Internal and Alternative levels with elements of body, speech, mind and inner peace. Kalachakra aims at self peace and eventually bids for world peace. The alternative cycle has practices following a process with different levels aimed at spiritual sacredness. The universe refers to the Outer Kalachakra, our inner self with mental and physical aspects as inner Kalachakra. The Alternative Kalachakra helps to attain liberation from the external and internal cycle of life. The Kalachakra system employs a Kalachakra Mandalam that is generally depicted in a graphical form. They have attracted much interest and form the main layout of the system. Mandalam is residence of the residence deities, Kalachakra deity residing in the middle. The process initiates, generates and leads to completion through these 3 stages. The whole process is a complex phenomenon with complex practices leading to a simple life.
The whole system helps us to liberate ourselves from the redundant impulses and get enveloped with warmth, tenderness and reality of life, to nature of mind, to karma, to death and birth.

Tibetan culture has always lead one’s wisdom without any distraction and grasping to achieve union with our fundamental and enlightened nature. They initiate our spiritual nature with ardor and intelligence.

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