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July 9, 2016

Is it A Bird. Or A Plane. No its Lilly Singh- IISuperWomanII

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YouTube is one of the most popular platforms which most of us are addicted to. Here we can watch a variety of channels and even create our own channels and upload videos. Channels like Vevo, ASAP Science, Pewdiewie, etc are among the popular YouTube channels. But among all of them Superwoman is the most popular YouTube channel, watched by all. Yes our very own Superwoman by Lily Singh. Her channel is loved by majority of us and it teaches us a lot of things which Lily takes from her own life and every day experiences. Let’s take a quick glance at some of them.

#1 Superwoman is a comic channel which will make you laugh and roll on the floor. This is one of those channels which will take the sadness out of you and refreshes your mind. The channel was made by Lily Singh, a popular You Tuber when she was going through a “very dark period” of her life. She dedicated her life to something which will make her happy. This very fact inspires us to dedicate our life to something which will make us happy.

#2 “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” – or as Lily would say…Hustle Harder! Watch the videos of Superwoman very minutely you can see a tremendous amount of hard work behind it. Though the videos may be short but they perfect to the tip.

#3 Superwoman hardly casts any extraordinary stuff. Whatever she shows is the very daily things we all experience in our daily life. But hats off to the way she casts them. Bring out your creativity. It is not necessary for you to create something which people have never heard of. But create something very common in your own style and in a unique way. This will prove where your creativity lies; not to others but obviously to your own self.

#4 Nothing is impossible in this world. Life is full of challenges, so just chill and buckle up to face them. You just need to believe in yourself. Do what you feel is right. Lily Singh makes these videos because she loves her work and she does what she feels like.

#5 Among all, the most funny is the way we tend to deal our daily life. Although we tend to ignore them but you won’t believe they are the funniest things we do. When someone mimics them in front of us that’s when we realize what crap we do. Like in one of the Superwoman videos Lily Singh shows ‘how we pee when we go out to a public outing or a party’. Sounds funny right? But it’s hilarious. Take some time and think, yes we all do it.

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