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August 27, 2017

Is Celebrity Pregnancy Really Something to Obsess About?

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From past a few years, the ongoing pregnancy related announcements have become the Bollywood and the Hollywood incitement. Be it Aishwariya Rai or Jessica Simpson; every week it seems as if another celebrity is on the go to announce her pregnancy. It’s more like a moment of utter delight for all the fans who savor in following their favourite celebrities through their pregnancies.

Not long ago, acknowledgments of pregnancy and some mere discussions about the same, were considered a taboo. Discussing over pregnancy meant talking about female sexuality. Expecting women were expected to curtain their bumps. However, these attitudes saw a change. It took time to mature into what it is today. Society’s perceptions about pregnancy changed gears when Lucille Ball, in 1952, canned the second season of ‘ I Love Lucy’, while she was pregnant. The term ‘pregnant’ was found to be doltish, so instead, Lucy was ‘expecting’ was preferred. This had been one step towards changing the attitude towards pregnancy in a positive way.

Talking about the current scenario, it seems like celebrity pregnancy is all what is left to talk about. Shows like ‘ Teen Mom’ and ‘One Tree Hill’ beautify pregnancy. The ‘baby bump’ watch have become all the rage.

The obsessions with the baby bump is at times empowering, at times goes overboard and sometimes is invasive. Surprisingly, the attitudes towards female sexuality and their related pregnancy, haven’t changed as much as we think it has. Pregnancy was never hashed over in public. Going by the current situation, there is no magazine or tabloid available which does not mention of a celebrity baby bump.

Speaking of general public, there is a greed to know each and every detail about a star’s pregnancy & with the help of magazines and newspapers, they definitely can. They feel following a celeb through their pregnancy would be the nearest way to learn about them and keep up with their ongoing activities. Celebrities like, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Lara Datta, Genelia D’Souza, Malaika Arora Khan and many more, have freeheartedly flaunted their bellies on social media platforms.

In some or the other way, public acknowledgment of pregnancy is empowering. Our society, fondles the fact that women can ‘make it big & have it all’. These pregnant celebs make evident that women can be mothers while sustaining their fruitful careers. The stigma against the single mothers has also melted away. Our society’s whole baby bump concept might be a little protruding, but it shows how our culture has come to terms with dropping of the taboo of pregnancy and female sexuality.

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