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October 21, 2016

Is 3D Speed Breaker A Better Alternative?

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India’s  transport minister  Nitin Gadkari hopes to revolutionize the custom of road accidents : reduction in numbers; with the help of  3D painting as an alternative to speed breakers. The use of virtual speed breakers would end the accidents due to high speed driving especially on highways across the country.

The modernization and safety measure has now rose  a question about its efficiency. While a lot of drivers would slow down at the floating  pedestrian crossing the question is till when? In a country where traffic rules are followed at the threat of a fine would these virtual speed breakers be efficient?

Even if it does it would only be useful for a few days. Rather  if we consider the number of deaths on road , it mostly includes two causes rash driving and drink and drive cases. An over speeding person is sure to cause more accidents than a speed breaker as , his sudden breaking would lead to a collision of  the vehicles followed by a multi car accident . Also taking into consideration, the drunk drivers are in no sense to stop the car and even if they do it would ultimately result in more nuisance.

Although the 3D speed breakers would prove a boon for the regular tourist vehicle drivers and their health issues leading to severe back injuries due to uneven  damaged roads and pot holes , the virtual speed breakers would prove a minor help to them.

The government needs to implement strict laws for hit and run and drink and drive cases in order to decrease the number of accidents. Also the people should understand that it is for their benefits, that the government is implementing such advanced techniques on road; keeping in mind the public’s safety and ease of travel.

None the less we make an appeal to those who are reading please make it a point to follow the traffic rules and lead a safe and hassle free life.

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