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June 12, 2016

9 iPhone Hacks and Tricks To Make Your Life Easier

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Many of us consider iPhone our most prized possession and panic whenever we don’t find it in our bag or pocket. We fail to recognize how truly smart our iPhone is and it is not just a phone to show-off around. Apart from performing the basic needs, iPhone has features that separates it from other phones that are available in the market. There are several iPhone features that are hidden and are yet to be discovered. We bring 9 such cool iPhone tricks that we bet you didn’t know about.

#1 Turn up That Charge

The one thing about iPhone that makes most of us mad is its battery life. The truth is poorly developed apps and certain iPhone settings can drain your battery life. If you are in a hurry and your power bank is not charged then we put your phone on airplane mode and plug your device for charging. The airplane mode setting will help your iPhone charge much quicker. Another one of the lesser known iPhone battery life tips is that most of us keep location settings on. If you are without charger and need the phone to be working whole day then turn off the location settings to save the iPhone battery life.

cool iphone tricks - iphone battery life tips


#2 Make Your Phone Run Faster

iPhone Running Slow!! Now this is something that makes you freak out when you got an important work ahead. So we bring to you one of the cool iPhone tricks that deal with speeding up your phone. Bring your phone to the home screen and hold down the power button until “Swipe to Power Off” appears. Then just put your finger to the home button and press it down for five seconds. This will clear the Random Access Memory (RAM) to avoid the crashing of apps and web pages. Once the RAM is cleared you’ll experience faster access to apps ensuring smooth running.

Cool iPhone Tricks: Speed up your iPhone


#3 Save Your Data By Limiting Access

We often face difficulties with the data being drained up on unimportant apps that consume the mobile data. There is no need to cut back on your data allowance, all you can do is simple limiting app access. Go to Settings>Mobile Data and select only the apps which you want to use on mobile data. This simple iPhone hack will save up your data.

cool iphone tricks - save cellular data


#4 Easy or Complicated Calculations

This is one of the super cool iPhone tricks that I recently discovered. Doing long calculations and made a mistake? No worries! Just swipe left or right on the screen to delete the last digit. This way you won’t have to start all over again. If your calculations need scientific calculator, then turn off the orientation and hold the iPhone in vertical position. Voila! You have you scientific calculator.

cool iphone tricks - calculator tricks


#5 Lock That Focal Point

Tapping the screen while taking a photo sets the camera’s focal point. Annoyingly though, every time you move the camera, the focus disappears. But not anymore. Just press the screen until “AF Locked” pops up. Now you can twist and turn your phone without losing the focal point. This is one of the cool iPhone tricks and assists you to click flawless pictures with the iPhone’s amazing camera.

cool iphone tricks - camera iphone hacks and tricks


#6 Can’t take a call? Send a message

There are times when you just can’t answer your phone. Simply, send a message to let caller know that you can’t answer the phone. While iPhone does offer you with pre-set texts, create texts of your own. Go to settings->phone->respond with text and create your personal text message. This is one of iPhone cool hacks that you must know.

Cool iPhone Tricks - Reply With Message

#7 Bigg Boss is watching you

Do you always keep your location services on? Location services not only drains your battery but also lets your iPhone spy on you. You can exactly know where you have been and how much time you have spent at each location. Don’t want iPhone to spy on you? Then go to settings->privacy->location services->system services->frequent locations and set frequent location to off. Scary but isn’t it one of a cool iPhone hacks and tricks?

cool iphone tricks: iphone frequent locations


#8 When was the message sent?

Want to know when did you exactly send that text message to your friend? Go to message and swipe the messages to the left. You will see the time when each message was received and delivered. Another one of the cool iPhone tricks is to shake your phone to undo the text message rather than pressing the backspace. Especially helpful when deleting long messages.

iphone cool tricks - message timestamp

#9 Keyboard Tricks

iPhone has several keyboard tricks in store that you may not know about. If you are helping a friend with Geometry and need degree symbol then press the number ‘0’ for few seconds and you will see the degree symbol next to the number zero. Another cool iPhone trick is to auto-select URL suffixes. Go to safari and enter the domain of your choice. Press ‘.’ for a second and you will be presented with URL suffixes option.

Do you have any cool iPhone tricks or hacks to share?

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