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October 31, 2016

15 Interesting Facts About Harry Potter

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Harry Potter fandom is undoubtedly the biggest fandom in the world. The popularity of the series is so intense that it has given birth to a culture. The die-hard fans of Harry Potter, known as ‘Potterheads’ are quite active on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. One of the most loved series ever has certain things you probably didn’t know about. We bring 15 such lesser known facts about Harry Potter series.

#1 Harry and Rowling share the same birthday, both were born on 31st of July.

One of the most interesting facts about Harry Potter and its world is both the author and the series protagonist share the same birthday. Just that Rowling was born in 31st July, 1966 and Harry in 31st July, 1980.

facts about harry potter: Potter and Rowling

#2 Alan Rickman was the only actor who knew destiny of his character

Didn’t you enjoy the revelation of Snape? The man he actually was behind the facade, how much he suffered and sacrificed. He was the one who saved Harry multiple times. I’m sure you loved and relished it. But, Alan Rickman couldn’t enjoy it as much as we did. Rowling gave him the spoiler at the beginning.

This is probably one of those facts about Harry Potter that Potterheads wouldn’t want to know because we all love Snape for his big heart and in the enormous ways he helped Harry. Then again Rickman went on to be a bigger man, he knew Snape’s fate all the while.

facts about harry potter: rickman


#3 Voldemort is a French Word

Lord Voldemort, who has terrorized the wizard world for so many decades, even when he didn’t have a physical existence is definitely one of the scariest villains ever. That translates to “flight of death” in English.

facts about harry potter: voldemort


#4 Tom Felton, the actor who played Draco Malfoy originally auditioned for Ron. But, he was cast as Malfoy.

Here is one of the interesting and fun facts about Harry Potter movie series audition. Tom Felton who played the role of Draco Malfoy had initially auditioned for the roles of Harry and Ron, but ended up getting Draco’s part.

facts about harry potter: malfoy


#5 The idea of Dementors came from depression. 

The Dementors, these creatures were guards of Azkaban, they had the ability to suck happiness out of people. J.K Rowling herself admitted she had to battle with severe depression in her 20s. So, the Dementors are metaphorical to her dark days. This is quite a literally inclined Harry Potter facts.

facts about harry potter: dementors


#6 As per J.K. Rowling, if Voldemort ever faced a Boggart, it would change into his dead body. Because Voldemort was obsessed with immortality and scared of death.

facts about harry potter: boggart


#7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have the record of being the fastest selling book of all time.

It had sold 11 million copies on the day of its release.

facts about harry potter: deathly hallows


#8 Rowling took the Pottermore house sorting quiz.

And her result was Hufflepuff.

facts about harry potter: hufflepuff


#9 Platform 9 3/4 is not the only platform used by the wizards.

The 7 1/2 is the platform for the ‘Orient Express’. It’s a long distanced Wizard Train en route for wizards only in village of continental Europe.

facts about harry potter: hogwarts express


#10 Hermoine was actually based on how Rowling herself was when she was 11.

Hermonie is a lot based on Rowling’s character in her early years. She had to struggle a lot because of her mother’s health but she managed. Similarly, Hermonie despite being a muggle, she managed to stand out in Hogwarts.

facts about harry potter: hermoinee


#11 Studying the character

The director of Harry Potter Alfonso Cuaron asked Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson were asked to write essays about their characters Harry, Ron and Hermoine respectively. Emma wrote 10 pages, Daniel one and Rupert never submitted his.

facts about harry potter: radcliff watson cuaron


#12 Rupert’s unusual audition

Rupert unlike others made a video tape dressed like a old woman and rapped about Ron Weasley.

facts about harry potter: rupert


#13 J.K. Rowling added the ‘K’ later

J.K. Rowling added the K later to her name to make it more appealing to male readers. K that stands for Kathleen, isn’t a part of her official name. It was her grandmother’s name.

facts about harry potter: j k rowling


#14 Car stolen from set

One of the prop flying car from the Chamber of Secrets went missing, but was once found suddenly.

facts about harry potter: car stolen from set


#15 Last chapter before everything

Rowling had written the final chapter of the final book much before rest of the plot.

facts about harry potter: last chapter


How many of these facts about Harry Potter did you know?

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